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This page is for fielders created in success mode and life mode for the 2008 version of the game for the Nintendo Wii gaming system. If it is a life mode player, please make sure you make note of it in the description. Also, other fielders may be found under teams created in arrange mode found here: Arrange Mode Custom Teams.



(Players who are meant to be utility players or aren't really planned for one specific position go right here)

Manuel Vargas (Vargas)
Short Description: Utility infielder, who works as a defensive backup in case of late inning injuries
Created By: SmilingFaces96

Mark SS [1]
Short Description: an awesome all around player. He plays, SS, 2b and 1b but he has spider catch and grt catcher. He is an almost maxed out character who can do it all. You'll have to see it to believe it.
created by: Hockeyrama

First Basemen

Short Description: DeathJohnson's first successful character, has great contact, good power, decent speed and terrible fielding.
Created By: DeathJohnson

Short Description: A one dimensional slugger, with mediocre fielding.
Created By: Mike94100

Short Description: An Intimidating hitter with great power.
Created By: Mike94100

Marvin Angus (Bull)
Short Description: A middle of the line hitting first baseman with lots of power, but can't field worth a lick.
Created By: SmilingFaces96

Yoma Ma
Short Description: An excellent hitter, and a gold glove fielder but with low arm strength.
Created by: stevenjackson39

Second Basemen

Newt Allen
Short Description: A perfect defensive player with maxed out speed, decent hitting, and many abilities.
Created By: Longball714

Short Description: A great lead off hitter, who has some power, and is a decent fielder.
Created By: Mike94100

Adam Bay
Short Description: An almost flawless, maxed out player.
Created By: Apple4960

Marc Bacon
Short Description: Good leadoff hitter, average fielder, but has Pivot Man, among other abilities.
Created by: BennyBaseball

Third Basemen

Short Description: A very good hitter with decent speed and fielding stats, but has a ton of abilities.
Created By: Longball714
Short Description: A power hitter with good contact, and decent fielding.
Created By: Mike94100

J. Irving
Short Description: A nearly flawless hitter with good speed and above average fielding stats.
Created By: Apple4960

Corey Baker
A request for Redsoxman53 of the MLBPPW Forum. Has E stamina after using 141 strength points.
Created by: dishnetkid

Short Stops

Road Runner
Short Description: Road Runner is a strong fielding Lead-Off shortstop with maxed speed and contact but terrible power
Created By: Cownip

Gary Murray
Short Description: Murray is a very powerful shortstop with great power and contact but bad fielding
Created by: Sparkplug15

Bengie Hanson (Zero)
Short describtion: Zero is perfect on the field, with good contact and medium power.
Created By: SmilingFaces96

Short Description: Cortez is an all around great player, whose biggest weakness is power.
Created By: Mike94100
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Corey Braun [2]
Short Description: Braun is a pretty good fielder who has some decent hitting skills but will get better in that area.

Created by: philliesfan134


(Players that play every outfield position equally well go right here)

Phillip Nixan (Nix)
Short Description: A decent hitter and great fielder (CF, LF, RF), he is also a Star.
Created By: SmilingFaces96

Phillip Nixan (Nix) 911
Short Description: A great hitter and awesome fielder (CF, LF, RF), he is also a Star.
Created By: SmilingFaces96

Garret Backe
Short Description: He is maxed in every skill but power which is A and over 220. (RF,CF,LF)
Created By: Death Johnson

Left Fielders

Short Description: A nearly perfect defensive left fielder, Panda is an awesome hitter with blazing speed. One of the most exciting players around.
Created By: Longball714

Short Description: a great hitter and fielder, with many abilities.
Created By:Mike94100

Carlos Gonzalez
Short Description: LF for the Colorado Rockies Created By:mikeypags28

Center Fielders

Short Description: A terrific player with no weaknesses.
Created By:Mike94100

Jimmy Monroe (Monroe)
Short Description: A decent hitter and middle of the line center fielder created without saving and loading.
Created By:SmilingFaces96

Short Description: almost maxed out CF and RF who for some reason dated Patty to the extreme and never got the intimidator. Other then that a terrific player.
created by: hockeyrama

Marvin (2)
My Marvin rendition, excellent speed.
Created by dishnetkid

Could be better than the guy above, fielding-wise.
Created By: dishnetkid

Right Fielders

Short Description: He has several abilities to go with great power and contact.
Created By: Death Johnson

Short Description: A good hitter and fielder, with a great arm.
Created By: Mike94100

Michael Dickson (Dickey)
Short Description: Enough power to be a mighty threat at the plate, but has mediocre fielding skills.
Created By: SmilingFaces96

Tylar Salter
Short Description: Good contact and power, fielding average.
Created by: dishnetkid

Matt Bellamy
Short Description: Maxed out contact and decent power, with average fielding.
Created by: stevenjackson39

Jarrodaltonole Papadawpololouso
Short Description: An all-around great fielder, with a flashy bat to boot.
Created by: dishnetkid

Blake Carter[4]
Short Description: A solid all-around hitter whose fielding may need some work. Possible future All-Star.

Created by: philliesfan134


Short Description: Coming Soon
Created By: Death Johnson

Zoll Man
Short Description: A great fielder with decent contact and good power.
Created By: Mike94100

Scott Proctor (Wolf)
Short Description: All "A" catcher, he can go deep or hit with amazing contact, and throws out would-be stealers with ease.
Created By: SmilingFaces96

Great Alexander
Regardless of his small problem with the media, he is still a decent ball player.
Created by: dishnetkid, used by Apple4960.

Tomakito Ishii
A great HR threat for a Catcher, likes to hit it low.
Created by: dishnetkid

Tom (Success Mode 08)
A good catcher with tons of power but not the best contqct. He is just like Tom from success mode.
Created by: yankeejr0406

Choo Choo (Train)
"The Train" isn't a great hitter, but is working on that in America after moving here from Japan. Famous for his throwing arm "The Tokyo Rocket," skilled fielder who helps out his pitcher.
Created by: BennyBaseball


Short Description: a DH with good contact, and great power.
Created By: Mike94100

Chip F. Clicko
An imaginary Iraq war vet playing baseball.
Created by: dishnetkid

Cristoff Koogro
My first A contact A power player, and he has decent run speed. Fielding is enough to put him @ DH.
Created by: dishnetkid

Famous for saying "Dan-O does what Dan-O wants," this aspiring "gangsta" is a great 'power hitter' and, despite being a terrible fielder, is willing to play first base a little bit if necessary. Can run well, too, probably after years of running from the cops.


(Players who play a variety of positions not covered in the categories already mentioned)

Gregory Hughes (Reset)
Short Describtion: A maxed Catcher/Shortstop/Center Fielder minus star, intimidator, spider catch, and good morale.
Created By: SmilingFaces96

Adam Tsao (Tsao)
Short Describtion: A Second Baseman, Short Stop and Left Fielder with middle of the line abilities
Created By: SmilingFaces96

Short Description A good power hitter with a good arm.
Created By: Mike94100

Richard Autte (Press)
Short Describtion: A maxed RF/3B/C minus star, intimidator, trash talk, and sparkplug.
Created By: SmilingFaces96

GrandpaC [5]
Short Description: a maxed out C/3B/LF only missing star and sparkplug. This intimidating catcher will trash talk you at the plate and smash it when he gets his chance. You can't beat the grandpa. Created by: Hockeyrama

Aaron Fenwick
A decent player, a LF/2B/C player who's great at what he does.
Created by: User:Dishnetkid

Jeff Awe
My first player to come out of Success Mode, and he's pretty good as a LF/SS
Created by: dishnetkid

Kyle Koogro
One of my patented Koogro brothers that are excellent. A great CF/C with no weaknesses whatsoever.
Created by: dishnetkid

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