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Success Mode is one of the unique features of MLB Power Pros. It allows you to create a character from scratch, and you always start on the AA team, the Green Apples. The objective of success mode is to win a major-league contract through your scout, Rudy Fox. The player goes through two years of baseball, work, and romance in order to earn his way into the big leagues. You only have 1 save location for success mode, and it is erased whenever a new character is made.


Player Customization

For an in-depth look at starting stats and abilities/skills, look here.

You are able to customize the player's name, appearance, and basic baseball information at the beginning of the game. If you successfully make it to the majors, you will have a second (and final) chance to further adjust your player's appearance and basic information.


Customize your Player
While the ultimate goal is to reach the majors, there are plenty of minor goals that can be accomplished along the way.
  • Gaining abilities such as Hot Hitter and Original Pitches that you can't otherwise gain in any other mode.
  • Getting and spending (and gambling!) experience to greatly increase Abilities.
  • Getting the girl (just like in the movies).

Summary of Main Story Opening

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This assumes you are not using Shortcut Mode.

Marvin and Chief (The player you are using) joins the GreenApples, a AA team for your favorite MLB team. You then meet William, the GM, who knows absolutely nothing about baseball.

Potential Storylines

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  • Training with teammates Sittch and Frank, which can net you abilities and from Sittch, a custom pitch
  • Working at the hot dog stand with Ben and Patty, for the P.I. Jaw(who can get you surprise bags), and the steak house with Isabella, which increases your power/stamina.
  • Going after the thief seen on TV, who the earlier you catch him, the more money you earn, and the glove thief, who gets you better items the earlier you catch him.


There are only two basic endings to success mode, making the majors and not making the majors. However, there are multiple methods of reaching these endings.

Good Endings

  • You finish the minor leagues by defeating the Galaxy Sharks in a final game that decides the championship. You go on to sign a contract to a MLB team.
  • You raise your evaluation status with the scout high enough to be picked for a major league contract. If your scout rating is high enough, you can lose the final game and still managed to complete Success Mode.

Both of these endings come as Rudy Fox meets you outside of the ballpark for a chat. Depending on your performance, he may make a 'once-in-a-decade' decision to get you a contract, ask you if you will promise to improve, or just flat out tell you that you are a major leaguer from now on. Regardless of the outcome, you are taken through the same ending sequence and taken to the final customization page. Depending on how you played through Success Mode, you may see the endings for your fellow teammates and other baseball players like Jonathan and Joey.

Bad Endings

  • You fail to gain the trust of the scout by November of the 1st year and you are fired from the AA team.
  • You fail to gain the trust of the scout while in AAA before you head to the final game and lose.

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