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If you are looking for a walk-through, look here.

Success Mode is one of the unique features of MLB Power Pros. It allows you to create a character from scratch, placing him into college Powerful University and he joins the school's baseball team known as The Tulips. The objective of success mode is to win a minor-league contract with your favorite major-league team. The player goes through three years of baseball, school, work, and romance in order to earn his way into the big leagues. You only have 1 save location for success mode, and it is erased whenever a new character is made.

Success Mode


Player Customization

For an in-depth look at starting stats and abilities/skills, look here.

You are able to customize the player's name, appearance, and basic baseball information at the beginning of the game. If you successfully make it to the majors, you will have a second (and final) chance to further adjust your player's appearance and basic information.


Customize your Player
While the ultimate goal is to reach the majors, there are plenty of minor goals that can be accomplished along the way.
  • Gaining high-profile, rare abilities like Star.
  • Getting and spending experience to greatly increase Abilities.
  • Getting the girl (just like in the movies).
  • Creating a full team of success mode players.

Summary of Main Story Opening

You and Marvin

This assumes you are not using Shortcut Mode.

Daydreaming over a potential game-winning hit or perfect game (depending on the position you chose), Marvin rudely wakes you up before the completion of the dream. Both of you quickly run out to the Tulip's field where you meet Alvin, Peter, Robert, Toby, and Milton. You learn that the Tulips are the laughing stock of the Sunny League and haven't been better than a tie for 6th place. They are also without a coach, and with no scouts coming to review the players, it seems all hope is lost for making it into the majors.

That's when you find your old friend Becky in the dorm cafeteria. Unfortunately, all she's into is hooking up with hot guys, and immediately targets your rival Alvin. Luckily, for you, when she comes by to join the team, we learn her father is a scout for the majors! The team gladly accepts her as assistant-manager.

A few weeks later, the scout shows up, and realizes there is untapped potential within the guys. He hires legendary Coach Stone to coach the team to victory. Stone, however, mumbles and any conversation with him is unintelligible, but Becky seems to understand him, and acts as the translator in most situations.

Potential Storylines

A potential storyline twist

There are many potential paths to traverse in success mode, some will always occur (captaincy), others will happen at random. A full list of potential storylines can be found here.

  • Being captain of the team is the most game-changing decision. The first choice (2nd year) requires a fate card decision (only Challenge will give you the captain's position), where as the 2nd time around (if you chose to decline the first time) will simply be a choice selector (if you win the tournament in your 2nd year).
  • Changing positions: Coach Stone drops the lineup card, and you notice it has you at a different position! The choice is fate card driven (No card will facilitate a move to first base, Yes will let you choose a position (C,SS,3B,1B,RF), and Challenge will have you take a hitting test - pass means you keep your position, fail means you do not).
  • Becky, Annie, or Sarah: You have three potential heart-throbs. Will you pursue them aggressively? or will you let their love just fade away?
  • There are rumors about your father being a baseball player, and they resurface when you discover his old glove in the house. If you're a pitcher, fate cards can earn you a special pitch.


There are only two basic endings to success mode, making the majors and not making the majors. However, there are multiple methods of reaching these endings.

Good Endings

  • You win the Sunny League and the College Kings Tournament in your third year. This is the only way that guarantees a minor league contract, regardless of your standing with the scout and coach.
  • You raise your evaluation status with the scout high enough to be picked for a minor league contract. It is possible to lose the tournament in the 3rd year, but it is still unclear if you must win the league as well (assuming you won both in the 2nd year and gotten the scout's evaluation high enough and didn't drop it).

Both of these endings come in the dugout scene. He tells you don't have enough for the majors quite yet, but your first step is to sign the minor league contract he's gotten for you. If you lost the league or the tournament, the game ends here and takes through the ending sequence, and taking you to the final customization page. If you did win the tournament, you will continue on to the super all-stars game after this, getting 2 free weeks before the game. Regardless of the outcome, you are taken through the same ending sequence and taken to the final customization page.

Bad Endings

  • You fail to win the Sunny League both years and fail to raise your evaluation status with the scout to max. The scout will talk to you on the field and tell you what you are thinking: You don't have what it takes. You reminisce concerning your future as you look to the stars. The game over screen shows you dejected on the mound.
  • As a last ditch effort to boost team morale, you give them an ultimatum: Win a Regular Season game or the team is disbanded forever (you must be captain for this to happen). You lose the game, and you describe how Powerful University never had another baseball team. The game over screen shows you dejected on the mound.
  • You are injured during the week of the exams - the 2nd week of May. In the hospital, Marvin tells you that as soon as you're discharged, it's game over.

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