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The Main Character or Chief, nicknamed Power Major-Kun (パワメジャくん) in Japan, is the recurring protagonist of the Success Mode of the MLB Power Pros series. His appearances, baseball stats, and his favorite baseball team can be altered, manipulated, and earned by the player throughout the success mode gameplay.



The main character is based on the iconic "Power Pro Kun" character that has been used in Jikkyō Powerful Pro Yakyū series in 2006-2008 games: a young man always seen in baseball uniform and cap, having a basic face structure, and providing wide array of facial expressions. His skin tone can be altered from light, asian, brown, and black.


The generic, every man of baseball, the main character in each game has very similar motivation: to become a successful professional baseball player in the Major League. Such dream builds him up as a motivated, hopeful, and passionate rookie despite his initial underwhelming talent. With the eyes of the scouts and team owners at him, the main character finds himself a need to train hard to proof himself as a baseball player.

Socially, the main character is frequently required to deal with several bad lucks and weirdness happening around him, causing him to constantly be snarky, deadpan, and easily annoyed at things.

Character Profile

  • MLB Power Pros (2007)

The main character is a freshman at Powerful University who dreams to become a professional baseball player at the American Major League. He along with Marvin heads down the Powerful Tulips clubhouse, mistaken it as a prestige team after their initial conversation with Alvin Lockhart.

After a few months of training, Becky Fox, the main character's childhood friend is introducing her father as the major league scout as well as the coach to the team. Due to the rule at the univerity, the main character has three years in total to play for the Tulips to gain enough repetition to be drafted into the professional league.

If the player succeed, the scout will list the main character into the Minor League as a stepping stone to the pro. Failing may includes him getting sacked from the university or not being accepted by the scout.

  • MLB Power Pros 2008


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