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Tom is a 25 year old catcher for the Green Apples and helps GM William run the team. He naturally looks down on 'newbies' like you and Marvin, but is not hostile. He is good at carpentry projects such as trying to build a pitching machine for the team. If you are a catcher then he'll play first base.

Tom may invite you to help him build a pitching machine; when that fails, he may invite you to help him convert the wood into a doghouse. You may run into him again, when he says the doghouse (which was too small) is now a squirrel house.

If your character progresses to AAA, Tom will give you a departing gift of money, ranging from $50 to $150, depending on how far you got in his arc of random events.

Amount of Tom's gift upon leaving for AAA:
-Did not get pitching machine random event/did not agree: $50

-Met and agreed to work on pitching machine: $70

-Worked on pitching machine (with Marvin): $90

-Agreed to work on doghouse: $120

-Met with Tom and discussed squirrel house: $150

Number: 25



Player TRJ Contact Power Run Spd Arm Strength Fielding Error Res
Tom Image:TRJ3.png(3) Image:Rank_G.png(2) Image:Rank_E.png(99) Image:Rank_G.png(3) Image:Rank_D.png(9) Image:Rank_D.png(9) Image:Rank_E.png(6)
Abilities Timely Whiff (bad) Gd Block Slugger
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