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A tournament for the top schools from each college league. Held each year at Rainbow Beach Stadium, winning is the dream of every college player.

The College Kings Tournament is the World Series of Success Mode. It is an option in the second and third years. In order to get in, you must win a league game (against the World Gathering and Patrick). It consists of three rounds, but the second is an un-played game for an auto-win. In the second year, the first round opponents is the Commanders, and the third year presents the Wild Pigs. Neither team is terribly impressive, and Rookie Charm makes it that much easier. It is a single-game elimination tournament. If you win the first-round you'll make it to the Championships against the Universe University Champion Rings. Their top four hitters are comparable to Ichiro, Cano, Pujols, and Rodriguez. The bottom five are comparable to the best three or four hitters on your team (your guy, Mark, Brad/Rex, and Peter). Their pitchers are probably better than yours, too. The championship game requires multiple save/loads to win. If you're captain, it's even harder. If not, hit home runs as a hitter, and you should score enough. If you're a pitcher, a really good pitcher would make the game a lot easier. Winning the tournament in the second year nets you a Champion Ring, which improves all your stats in practice. Winning in the third year gives you a chance to play the Superstar team (an extra game means more practice time and more stats from games), and a guaranteed minor league contract.

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