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Welcome to the MLB Power Pros Wiki!

For guidance on reading, authoring and participation in a wiki, the Wikipedia help pages, or the Wikipedia Tutorial are great places to start. Look at those and then practice editing at the sandbox.

For bits specifically geared toward MLB Power Pros Wiki, take a look at the help and official policy pages.

Currently there are a few things not working on the wiki, but they should be fixed soon. Please see the known bugs page for more information or to note additional bugs.

Have fun and thanks for reading & adding to the MLB Power Pros Wiki!

To ask a wiki-related question, visit the Help desk.

To ask a gameplay question, visit the Discussion Forum.


General Tips & Advice

  • Stay calm! Don't be upset if someone else edits something you wrote. Often folks notice the article on the Recent Changes page and add or correct bits they notice. This is a collaborative project and people are just trying to help you out. If you need to talk about things for a particular article, use the discussion/talk page (each article has their own).
  • When you make changes to a section of any article, work from the current version of the article rather than pasting in an older version. That way you avoid undoing the linkage, spelling, and grammar bits that contributors have helped fix. Not everyone is a wiki writing expert, but everyone can try to work with the material in a collaborative manner so that their information/spelling/linking/grammar booches can be covered by the skills and knowledge of others.

Areas of the MLB Power Pros Wiki needing attention

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