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This page is for pitchers created in success mode and life mode for the 2008 version of the game for the Nintendo Wii gaming system. If it is a life mode player, please make sure you make note of it in the description. Also, other pitchers may be found under teams created in arrange mode found here: Arrange Mode Custom Teams.


Short Description: Adams is a good looking pitcher
Created By:Text16

Short Description: Naruto is the first strong and successful Gyroball pitcher
Created By:Mike94100

Short Description: Spades is a strong pitcher with no weak points
Created By:Mike94100

Short Description: A knuckleball/knuckle-curve pitcher with many abilities.
Created By:Mike94100

Short Description:A great pitcher with a strong fastball, and breaking balls.
Created By:Mike94100

Short Description: A pitcher with a good fastball, and good breaking pitches.
Created By:Mike94100

Clark Roertson 'aka' Bamboo
Short Description: Coming Soon
Created By: Sparkplug15

Short Description: Coming Soon
Created By: Death Johnshon

Short Description- A power pitcher with a dominating original Slider
Created By: Mike94100

Short Description: A pitcher with a great fastball and breakers, and many abilities to boot
Created By: Mike94100

Luke Johnson (Luke) - Genius
Short Description: A pitcher with a max pitch in every direction, nearly max power, and top notch control
Created By: SmilingFaces96

Short Description: A pitcher with a decent heater, but many great breakers
Created By: Mike94100

Tyler Rexan (T-Rex)
Short Description: An intimidating power pitcher with a great offspeed curve ball as well all abilities
Created By: SmilingFaces96

Luke Johnson (Luke)
Short Description: A knuckleball pitcher with good control, many abilities, and good fielding
Created By: SmilingFaces96

Vijai Evans (Evans)
Short Description: A gyroballer, known for starting off slow; all "C" HIT/FLD abilities, so can be a regular LF as well.
Created By: SmilingFaces96

Anthony Greahn (Greahn)
Short Description: A knuckleballer, known for blowing games if left in to long, also prone to walking batters; great fielding abilities.
Created By: SmilingFaces96

Smiling Faces96 (Smiley :))
Short Description: Almost perfect non Genius with dual pitches in every direction. Has great fielding abilities.
Created By: SmilingFaces96

Short Description: A good pitcher and my only power hitting pitching pitcher to date. She hit two home runs in the final game in success mode (1 of Stitch and 1 off a relief pitcher).
created by: hockeyrama

IanSP [2]
Short Description: This is my first genius in many, many tries. He is an excellent all around pitcher who has the stamina to go the distance.He is also blessed with the slowest forkball you ever saw.
created by hockeyrama

RonSp [3]
Short Description: one of the best standard start pitchers out there. He has a great pitch for every direction and makes a preety good lead-off hitter for a national league team.
created by hockeyrama

Vic Sp [4]
Short Description: Great left handed pitcher with some power. The log for this is on the mlb power pros site. He started as standard with a 77mph fastball and turned out with amazing pitching stats and gyroball. Also, the first pitcher I had hit 3 home runs in the final game (2 off Stitch) Created by: Hockeyrama

MadelSPnosavereload [5]
Short Description: my first no save/reload pitcher. Went through from start to end to end up with this 102mph gyroballer with a great SCB.
created by: Hockeyrama

Chip Dorito [6
Short Description: My first player entered in the forums. Has good STAM and CTRL, but few abilities.
Created by:dishnetkid

Dr. Mailjob [6]
Short Description: Dr. Goodjob's cousin, great top speed, decent pitches.
Created by:dishnetkid

Andre Rodriguez
Short Description: Maxed TOP SPD & V-SLD, Gyroball, B CTRL and a slew of other abilities makes this man an ace.
Created by:stevenjackson39

Tyrone Paige
Short Description: Blazing Fastball, Maxed knuckler, gyro and a 2SFB-SIFB combo.
Created by:stevenjackson39

Shawn Spencer
Short Description: Good fastball, Fantastic breaking balls including a 7 CCHG, as well as Intimidator equals a top-of-the-line starter.
Created by:stevenjackson39

Giovanni Ryan
Short Description: A quality pitcher, this starter have good control and abilities
Created by:Zero

Ronny Vasquez
Short Description: Only throws 86 mph, but baffles hitters with "Torture" curveball. Also has great slider. Despite "B" stamina, can hold his own for a long time.
Created by: BennyBaseball

Geoffrey Willits
Short Description: Throws 3 great breaking balls, including a "Freefall" forkball, a curveball, and a sinker. Not many abilities, but still a great pitcher.
Created by: BennyBaseball

Arthur FalkenBorg
Short Description: My first knuckleballer, also throws a sinker.
Created by: BennyBaseball
Tim Anderson
Short description: Flame thrower with a level 7 knuckleball, ORIG slider with more break and a ton of great abilities including intimidator.
Created by: Bosox13


Frank Knight (Lancelot)
Short Description: Good overall intimidating setup man. Could be used as starter. Has a good selection of pitches.
Created By: SmilingFaces96

Brad Pickler (Pickler)
Short Description: Great for a swing man/long reliever. Could be used as starter. Doesn't have any real offspeed pitches.
Created By: SmilingFaces96

Grant Balfour
Not quite as much heat to fastball, but forkball is killer.
Created By: dishnetkid


Short Description: A powerful pitcher with a great fastball, and breaking balls
Created By:Mike94100

Dwayne Poighter (Cannon)
Short Description: Because of the high stamina, this guy makes a great Starting Pitcher. Shuuto spin makes the 4/2SFB almost impossible to hit, especially with the great selection of breaking ball pitches available.
Created By:SmilingFaces96

Short Description: Low stamina, but great assortment of breaking pitches (including a maxed knuckleball), maxed top speed and almost all abilities make for a stereotypical dominant closer.
Created By: Longball714

David Wrong
Short Description: Average stamina and control for a closer, but the 1-2 punch of a knuckler and rising slider (both maxed), as well as the famed Gyroball ability, make this pitcher a "Terminator" (reference to closer listed above) of opponents' batting averages.
Created By: Stevenjackson39

User: BennyBaseball
Short Description: Low stamina, but has 3 great breaking pitches and a 90 MPH fastball. Has a few good abilities, including Poise and Groundball Pitcher.

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