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Arrange Mode is a "mode" in Power Pros that lets you design your own team or edit a currently existing one. It allows you to change and edit the roster and players, CPU managing techniques and lineups, name, symbol, uniforms, etc. It was introduced in the first version of MLB Power Pros (2007) and was also reintroduced in 2008 with a few extra changes.


Main Screen

When you first click on Arrange Team, a screen will come up with three tabs; Create, Delete, and Copy. Creating a team obviously allows you to start making a team while deleting gets rid of it forever (you can only delete if you have created a previous team). Copying a team that you already made will allow you to make adjustments off your original team without actually changing the team its based on. There are 32 tabs for 32 save spots for teams. Finally, you can look at your team data by pressing the - team when your team is highlighted. This will compare your team in several aspects (like starting pitching, power, top speed, ect.) in comparison to the 30 original Major League teams and the ones you have created. To create a team, click on one of the 32 tabs and then choose one of the 30 Major League teams and two All-Star teams to base it on.

Original Team

Power Pros allows you to change everything about the look, place, and style of your team through the original team tab.

Team Name/Mark

Team Name

Change your team name to anything you want that fits in 10 characters.


Choose the location of your team. The choices are divided into three catagories, USA, Canada, and Japan. The USA choices are generally capitals of states without teams (Hartford), states without teams (Alaska) or cities with other pro-teams (Greenbay). They also list cities of Triple A teams (For example, Scranton of the Yankees). The Canadian cities are simply popular and important cities in Canada. The Japanese cities are locations of Japanese League's teams.


Choose a letter that will be on the uniform of your players that represents your team. This will also be part of your logo.

Team Mark

This allows you to choose a symbol for your team. This will be the main logo that represents your team in almost everything. It has several choices including several animals like Cobras and Lions, mystical creatures like a Phoenix and a Dragon, themes like Western, Grim Reaper and Samurai, and maps of the teams known for playing Baseball (Plus Italy, Australia, and Holland). Finally, it allows you to choose between 4 different color schemes for every symbol except the flags.

Logo Text and Color

You can choose a logo that will sometimes appear under your symbol to represent your team. This is generally an abbreviated name of your team (for example, the Diamond Backs would be shown as the D-Backs in their Logo. The last button allows you to change the color of your logo from 12 colors. It also lets you see the team "flag" that is a combination of your intial and your symbol. The color of your initial on the "team flag" can be changed by changing its color on the uniform's cap.


You can edit your team's home and away uniforms here. You can change the color of their hat, shirt, shoes, etc.

Home Stadium

You can choose your team's home stadium. This will be where your team plays the majority of their games at in Season Mode and the stadium that will automatically pop up when your team is the home team in Exhibition Mode.

you can buy more stadiums at the main menu shop

Pitcher and Fielder Select


This is where you can select a pitcher or fielder by their statistics. You can search for a player by Age, Stats, Country, abilities, or many other ways.

Role Set-Up

Team Strategy

This is where you put in the strategy that will be used if the CPU is controlling your team. You can set how often you change the starting roster, how often you will put in pinch hitters, runners, etc.


You can set the pitcher and fielder roles here. You can submit your pitching rotations for pitchers, and you can select fielders who can be pinch hitters, runners, fielding replacements, and fielding liabilites.


Here, you can set your lineup for a game. You can set the generic starting roster when your team has a DH or when not.

Voice Setup and Uniform Numbers

You can set the uniform number your players wear in games, and what the PA announcer says when your players gets up to bat, gets a hit, comes up to pitch, or breaks a record or reaches a milestone.

Uses in Other Modes

- In 2007 version, you need to buy the ability to use an expansion team in Season Mode (the main use) in the main shop for 20000 points (the most expensive unlock able in the). - Only can be used in Season Mode Expansion Mode (Regular and Wii), and Practice Mode.

Changes from 08 to 07

Some countries' flags have been added to the mark section.


A guide written by Cownip on creating an original team. Guide to Creating a Strong and Original Arrange Team

Expansion/Custom Teams

Custom teams for 2007 and 2008 can be found here.

A full arrange team of players made by Dark Shade. Every play both back-up and starter was created through success mode and is used for the Wii. Glenridge Posse and Glenridge Posse 2008

A 2008 team created by SmilingFaces96 for the Wii that is still under-construction. Indianapolis Stallions 2008

This is Mike94100's, arrange team created from all Success Mode players for MLBPP 2008. Not yet finished. Honolulu Hornets 2008

A team created by Cownip that is still under construction. Every starter and back-up player will be made through Success Mode and My Life and has a theme based on Devils, the Underworld, the Grim Reaper, and Satan. Las Vegas Devils 2008

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