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Triple A (My Life) is where all rookie players start who don't pass the managers somewhat impossible expectations in spring training. Triple A follows the same schedule and series as its Major League team and is basically the same format with an exception of a few rules.



There are two ways for a player to go into Triple A 1. A player does not meet the Managers expectations in Spring training. For hitters this means getting at least 2 hit and hitting 500 for every single game while pitchers must never give up a single run. If this is your second season, you will not have to pass such strict standards 2. If you perform poorly in the Majors, your Coach/GM will eventually send you down to Triple A.


Extremely basic. Thes uniforms have no patterns logos or names. They are basically generic versions of their MLB afilliates. All teams are listed as *Team Name* AAA.

Rules and Differences

Triple A roughly follows the same game format as the Major leagues with a few small differences in rules and Manager's strategies. 1. In Triple A, games that go 9 innings long will never go into extra innings 2. Managers tend to have relievers start games no matter how low their endurance. The controlled players pitcher will always (even if they are a closer with F stamina) start games by default. 3. The controlled player's hitter will always start no matter how poorly he performs 4. Since there are not enough players on most teams to fill up all roles on the roster for Triple A, randomly generated players will come up and play these. However, no matter how well these players play, they will never be brought up to the Major Leagues.

Going to the Majors

To escape Triple A and make it back to the Majors, a player must perform very well for a lengthy period of time. The better you play, the better your relations get with your coach (see Staff 2008 and Free Time MLB Life 2008) and the more likely your coach will recommend that you be brought up. Once you get up, you will have to work again to impress your new coach and gain relations again. However, if you are sent down, the Triple A coach will still have the same friendship rating he had with you when you were brought up.

In practice it seems you will get your first call-up to the Majors upon reaching a three-star relationship with the manager. After being sent down you will be called back up again after gaining around one additional star of trust. There may be other factors considered by the game engine such as time played, difficulty level, etc.

Triple A in other modes

Triple A also plays a part in Success Mode and Season Mode.

Success Mode

In Success Mode, a player will (if their Scout Evaluation is high enough) will move on from Double A to Triple A. This is completely different from the Triple A in My Life. Unlike in My Life, you play fictional teams that appear to have no connection with Major League Franchises. Also, in My Life Mode you cannot sign with the Triple A team of your choice nor can owners of Triple A teams buy out players. Also, in Triple A Success Mode there is a championship game while in Triple A My Life, games don't matter and no championship or play-offs exist. Finally, in Triple A Success Mode, a tied game is "replayed" the next day while in Triple A tied games stay tied as games don't count for anything.

Season Mode

In Season Mode, Triple A simply exist as a holding place for players on your team who you don't want on your active roster in the Major Leagues. They don't play any games or post any averages that you can see. It exist for players that are still training or back ups for those who are injured. Players will not improve any faster in Triple A then the Major Leagues. In September, you can call up players from AAA to the MLB until you have 40 players, increasing the limit by 15. This is called September Call-Ups.

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