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Character Background

Alan is the player's father in Success Mode 2007. He was a former top baseball prospect and childhood friend of Rudy Fox, who now works as a scout.

Perhaps because his baseball career never panned out, Alan shows resentment towards his son's pursuit of baseball, and makes a living taking odd jobs. However, if kept in a good mood, he will eventually agree to train the player.


Glove Event (Key)

You find his glove cleaning the house during the third week of March in the 1st year:

  • using a "No" fate card will begin the storyline of your dad coming to help you hone your baseball skills
  • using the "Marvin" card means your player gives the glove to Marvin, and in return gets Marvin's Bat.
  • using the "Yes" fate card will throw out the glove.
  • using the "Challenge" fate card means you play catch with your dad but you will end up losing 70$, this will begin the storyline of your dad.

Home Maintenance Job Event (Key)

Later, he will ask you to help with a home-maintenance job.

  • using a "No" fate card will make him in a worse mood
  • using the "Marvin" card will allow Marvin to help your Dad instead, making him in a better mood, and saving Vitality. Chance of getting Polished Socialize
  • using the "Yes" fate card will have you help your Dad, making him in a better mood.
  • using the "Challenge" fate card will have take your Dad's job, putting him in a worse mood.

Random Events

On other occasions related to his home-maintenance job, he will be successful with his job and will seek you out to give you some money. Other times, he will do poorly, get fired, and seek to take money from you. In order to advance the training storyline, you must accept. There is no decision possible. However, you must sleep or practice during those weeks.

Dad's Training Event

After your scout talks to dad about showing you the real dad, dad will soon ask you if you want to improve your breaking ball.

  • using"Challenge" fate card (suggested) will start the training of your custom pitch.
  • using"Yes" fate card will give you more breaking ball experience points.
  • using"No" fate card will have your player say that you aren't up to training today.
  • using"Marvin" fate card will have your player invite Marvin to join you and your dad for practice and will add breaking ball points.

If you are a hitter then

  • Yes-
  • Strength Up
  • Motivation Up
  • Technique Up
  • Vitality Down
  • Challenge-
  • Strength up
  • Technique up
  • Motivation up
  • Vitality down
  • Chance for Clutch to increase
  • Chance for Spray Hitter
  • Marvin-
  • Strength Up
  • Technique Up
  • No-

Your Dad's training will boost your stats - but is most important for pitchers. He can take one of your breaking pitches and change it. It's overall break will be similar but there will be upgrades. The pitch will become your custom pitch and you can name it. The upgrading is not from the ability boost screen, but only happens when your Dad comes back to train with you.

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