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Jim Slow is the pitcher for the Mach Socks, he is considered really fast.
Number: 32

Batting Stats

Player TRJ Contact Power Run Spd Arm Strength Fielding Error Res
Slow Image:TRJ2.png Image:Rank_D.png(8) Image:Rank_F.png(55) Image:Rank_A.png(15) Image:Rank_F.png(4) Image:Rank_E.png(6) Image:Rank_F.png(5)

Pitching Stats

Player Control Stamina Top Speed Slider 4SFB
Slow Image:Rank_F.png (109) Image:Rank_B.png (119) 91 mph Image:Arrowleft.gif 3 1
Abilities Gd Bunt Stealing 4 Base Run 4 HD 1st Slide Breakup DP Starter Agg STL Agg RUN
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