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The Main Practice Screen

Practice Mode is a mode in both versions of MLB Power Pros. This mode lets you pick a team and hone your skills. There are 6 different practice types to choose from.



In Batting Practice, the player picks a hitter to play as, a pitcher to play against, and which section(s) of the strike zone the pitcher should throw the ball to. (Alternatively, selecting none of the locations in the strike zone allows the pitcher to throw in all areas.) The batter faces 10 random pitches by the pitcher in the selected locations. Different types of hits earn different amounts of points. This is the same as the Batting Test in Success Mode.


In Pitching Practice, the player picks a pitcher to control. The player is instructed to throw pitches to a designated area in the strike zone. The size of the target, as well as the break of the pitch used, determines how many points the player earns. This is the same as the Pitching Test in Success Mode.

Base Running

Players pick a team to use in Base Running Practice. After they set the lineup, the leadoff runner runs from home to first. The player uses their base running skills to advance the runner and send him home. At any time, the user can press the - button to add another runner to the basepaths, with a maximum of four at once. When a runner touches home plate, they disappear.


In Fielding Practice, the player picks a team to control. The user decides where to hit the ball and with how much power, and can hit the ball as if it were on a tee. The user then takes control of the defense to attempt to get the runner out. Options can be changed to simulate situations with runners on the bases. Also, the user can decide to let the CPU control the batter and react as they would in an actual game.

General Offensive and General Defensive

The final two modes, General Offensive and General Defensive, let the player pick their team and the CPU's team, and let the player play either on offense in Offensive or on defense in Defensive. In the simulated game, no outs are recorded, and the simulated half-inning ends when the user decides to quit the practice session.

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