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MLB Life is where you can take a player and follow his career, on and off the field. There are three modes you can choose from:


Dream Player Mode

This allows you to choose any existing player on an MLB roster, from young prospects striving for a spot on the opening day roster to established superstars. The only players you cannot choose are free agents. Some features unique to Dream Player:

  • you can choose whether you are single or married (in the other two modes, you are initially single)
  • if you choose to be married, you can then choose whether you have children, and how many you have
  • you can choose your wife's skin color, the sex of your children, and their names and birthdates
  • your salary will roughly correspond with the real life salary of your chosen player, e.g. using Chipper Jones will net you a far higher salary than using Brayan Pena. In the other two modes, you start with a salary of $390,000
  • you will be able to explore free agency sooner than you would with a created or Success player, as their six-year waiting period has already been partially or fully served as of 2008.

MLB Career Mode

This allows you to create a player from scratch and fight for a spot on the opening day roster. Choose from any MLB team, your player's birthday, position, draft round, previous league, skill set, strengths and weaknesses.

  • oddly enough, you cannot choose your number, one is assigned to you.
  • You can choose your initial bat and glove colors. They will be regarded as Regular bats and gloves.
  • You have the choice of being drafted out of high school, college or an independent league. The chosen previous level affects the point in your career when you peak and begin declining.
  • The draft round and skill set you select are what determine your player's ratings, e.g. a 1st round Speedster won't be much of a hitter initially, but will be dangerous when he gets on base. Your draft round also affects your initial fanbase.
  • Some strengths function as double-edged swords, in that they give you blue abilities and/or improved ratings in one area at the cost of lower ratings in another area. A handful of weaknesses work in the opposite way, they either give you red abilities or reduce your fanbase, but give you a bonus in one or more ratings. Some strengths dole out blue abilities that you cannot gain in Life mode otherwise.

Player Creation Guides

Created Player Mode

If you've saved a Success Mode player, this mode allows you to send him on his way to the majors. The team you selected as your player's favorite will be the team he reports to for spring training. Some more notes on Created Player mode:

  • You will begin single, whether you were dating in Success mode or not
  • If you equip any bats, gloves or spikes that boost your ratings and/or penalize others, these boosts/penalties will become permanent. If you break all of your bats in your first season, for example, and that bat gave you a contact boost, your contact will remain the same.
  • The jersey number you chose will usually remain the same. Sometimes, however, you will be assigned a different number if the one you chose is taken by a veteran.
  • You will still have any red or blue abilities you gained in Success mode.
  • Pitchers who learned an Original Pitch will still have it, and you will be able to use it. However, you will not be able to practice it in spring training or AAA practice, likely the result of you being this pitch's only practitioner. Just like regular pitches, however, you can improve original pitches during the season.
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