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Success Mode is the singnature mode for all Power Pros games and this article will tell about the Jikkyou Powerful Pro Yakyuu 2012 Success Mode.



There are three types of success modes in 2012:

  • Success (The normal success mode
  • Sucsuccess (Sucsuccess is a board game mode of success where your player gets better by going to spaces with stat boosts.
  • Training Success (Training success currently does not have much info)


In normal success you start out as a junior in college. You can choose to play for 1 of the 3 following colleges: Powerful University, Mantsuman University I'd Education, and Saikyo University. You must beat the Powerful University success mode first to unlock the other two universities.

Powerful University

Powerful University is the standard success mode in JPPY 2012. You and Yabe join the team as Juniors. There are a couple of good players on the team: Matsukura a pitcher, Kohmoto, a catcher, and Komasaki, a great 5-tool shortstop.

Mantusman University of Education

Mantsuman is a very odd success mode. The coach when you join the team wears a white mask and has long pink hair. He (or she) hires a couple of other coaches, one, has a humongous head, and has black skin and always appears to be mad. Another coach has a tall, skinny head, and has medium length light blue hair with an orange streak. Another coach, is fairly short with Asian skin and wears a baseball on his head. The prinicpal has a big white beard and bushy white eyebrows. You and Yabe join the team as Juniors and the team is very bad. There is a girl that goes to the school, Hayakawa Aoi, that has light green braids, and is a great pitcher. She doesn't initially play on the team, but in your Senior year, when the manager gets fired, she will join the team with her original sinker, The Marine Ball.

Saikyo Unversity

Saikyo is the most prestigious teams of the three. Their coach always coaches the all-star team and they have great players. First of all, ace pitcher, Hisakata. Hisakata is a ladies man and looks a bit like Alvin. Then, slugging 1B, Takimoto. He is an increible hitter and an incredible player. Catcher, Sakai. Sakai is very fast and loves to sell the player DVD's. Last of all, closer, Shiroyama. Shiroyama was an ace until Hisakata came on and stole his thunder. Now, Shiroyama is the closer and has a nasty vertical slider. As a player at Saikyo, during training time, you get to go to the prestigious Blue Stadium to train and get level 4 practices.

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