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Upon successful completion of Success Mode that player becomes available for use in the other game modes. This section contains passwords and attributes of created characters.

Unless specified otherwise, all passwords here are for the Wii version of the game. The PS2 and Wii passwords unfortunately are incompatible. Otherwise, the games are virtually identical.

Use this guide to format your passwords if you do not use a photo:

Here are the Alt Codes to put in for special characters. In order to input these, you hold down the ALT button, and type in the number on the number pad (make sure your numlock is activated). For instance, if you want the Plus/Minus character, you hold down ALT and on the number pad, type 0177, then release ALT. It should appear. If not check if your numlock is on. Sadly, this only works for unicode decimal numbers below 256.

From the user's guide:

To obtain such special characters correctly, which have decimal codepoint values above the 256,
another option is to use or type its hex equivalent codepoint first, then press Alt+X keys. To do this,
open or start Wordpad, Word, etc editing application software, (this Alt+X process will not work in
Internet Explorer, Notepad, etc). Type in 3BB, which is a hexadecimal equivalent numeric codepoint
of the character λ, then press Alt+X. Hexcode 3BB will convert/turn into the λ character. If you press
the Alt+X key combination again, then λ character will convert back to its hex equivalent codepoint,
3BB. Now character(s) can be copy pasted, where you want to use, or, (in IE) use its html hexadecimal
equivalent code λ or its html decimal equivalent code λ.

Special Symbols

For consistency, we will use the following symbols on this website:

The best way, to ensure consistency, is to use &#xzzzz where zzzz is the hexadecimal code (leading zeros may be left off).

So typing ± becomes ±.

Symbol Alt Code Unicode Result
Decimal Hex
Plus-Minus Sign 0177 0177 00B1 ±
Division Sign 0247 0247 00F7 ÷
Not Equals Sign 8800 2260
Bull's Eye 12903 3267
Up-Pointing Triangle 30 9650 25B2
Diamond 4 9830 2666
Barred Eighth Notes 14 9835 266B


Dave Stewart (RHSP)

Stamina Control Top Speed
160 (A) 151 (B) 92mph
Attributes: w/RISP 4, Vs LeftHanded Batter 4, Poise 4, Fastball Life 4, Spin 4, Recovery 4
Abilities: Gd Low Pitch, STR Finisher, Dr K, Gd Delivery, Gd Reflexes, Lucky, Battler
Pitches: KGNB 6, PALM 8, ORIG 7
Creator: OmegaVega


pTj ui$ pdU bkv %K- lEr
z=D QGH MRP Qh± u-o ihy
Wqa VAL >HC CmM +zM xuB
TnQ oJY S-g @<P ÷Jq N♫W
Fz- zwV SXn ±kf n-M +sS
Xip t%d hjU tir @Gf XSr
b÷v bYF dz$ p=♫ Rr÷ CA>
AMA iVo xlQ WBL n



1st Basemen

Will Clark (1B)

Trajectory Contact Power
4 12 (B) 180 (A)
Arm Str Field Error Res
8 (D) 14 (A) 15 (A)
Speed Creator
11 (C) Omegavega
Attributes: Clutch Hit 5, vs Lefty 5, Throwing 4, Consistency 4, Base Running 4
Abilities: Contact Hitter, Power Hitter, Spray Hitter, Tough Out, Grt IF Htr, Firstball Hitter, Pull Hitter, Refined, Gold Glover, Head First Slide, Tough Runner, Star, Slugger, Aggressiv HTR, Cautious STL, Aggressiv RUN, Aggressiv FLD


YTf %nf yEg uB♫ RKK cLL
÷DF Tyk LbV wRD h+N LJR
Xji <xq xCD AgI p-l wbF
S±v TNe ╘Ey cVg BIN sSU
tD± cjb ♫Wf Cnu bEK gZz 
Fvb gWg Zf÷ Zjd U+t %li
Rxa rBd j+- AkT RnR u╘x

link title [2]

2nd Basemen

3rd Basemen



Reggie Jackson (RF)

Trajectory Contact Power
4 14 (A) 181 (A)
Arm Str Field Error Res
14 (A) 15 (A) 14 (A)
Speed Creator
15 (A) Omegavega
Attributes: Clutch Hit 5, vs Lefty 4, Throwing 4
Abilities: Contact Hitter, Power Hitter, Spray Hitter, Tough Out, Grt IF Htr, Firstball Hitter, Refined, Gold Glover, Barehand CTH, Spider Catch, Cannon Arm, Tough Runner, Breakup DP, Slugger, Aggressiv HTR, Aggressiv STL, Aggressiv RUN, Aggressiv FLD


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