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Books can be read by your player during Free Time in My Life mode, and can be purchased in the Shop. Your player's Culture rating determines whether he'll be able to read a given book. Reading generally has these results:

  • I couldn't understand it: your player is unable to comprehend the book, you'll probably only get a small Culture boost.
  • I read a little bit further or I breezed through the book: your player is able to understand what he's reading, and will be able to get a little experience out of it.
  • I read all of (this book). I threw (this book) away: same as above, but your player has read through the entire book, and discards it. Not to worry though, if you see the same book in the store later, you can re-read it, as if it were a new book.


  • Baseball Comic Book, G, Control
  • Bgr. Pitching, E-F, Control and Stamina
  • Int. Pitching, D, Control and Stamina
  • Adv. Pitching, B, Top Speed, Control and Stamina
  • Baseball Biography, B, Top Speed, Control and Stamina
    • NOTE: Although the Biography costs more, its boosts are weaker than those you receive from Adv. Pitching
  • Breaking Ball, F, All breaking pitches

Pitch Guides

These seem to often be mistaken for books, which they are not. You cannot read these. Rather, these enable you to learn pitches that you do not currently throw. These are only usable if you have one in your bag for either Spring Training or AAA Practice. In most cases, you can learn a new pitch in one practice, though some take two. The store will always carry at least one guide pertaining to pitches you do not currently throw, and these vary in price.


  • Baseball Comic Book, G, Power,
  • Bgr. Fielding, F, Fielding and Error Res.
  • Bgr. Batting, F, Trajectory, Power, Contact
  • Bgr. Baserunning, F, Run Spd
  • Int. Fielding, D, Fld and E Res
  • Int. Batting, D, Contact and Power
  • Int. Baserunning, D, Run Spd, Base Running, Stealing
  • Adv. Baserunning, B, Run Spd, Base Running, Stealing
  • Adv. Fielding, B, boosts FLD and E RES
  • Adv. Batting, B, boosts TRJ, PWR, CON
  • Baseball Biography - combines Adv. FLD and BAT (boosts all 6 stats)

Other Books

These offer few benefits other than increasing your culture rating, if it isn't already maxed out.

  • Adventure Novel - unknown/unverified
  • Mystery Novel - can be read once Culture gets to D
  • Romance Novel - can be read once Culture gets to B
    • gives HUGE style boost if you have a lot of style items equipped
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