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 Post subject: Re: The New Knights | The Osaka Foxes
PostPosted: Sat Oct 28, 2023 6:29 pm 
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December 31, 2036
SKY Waikiki, Honolulu
11:59 PM

The music faded as Kenma and I pushed our way closer to the deck’s railing. The Waikiki Bay’s waters were still, save for one barge floating atop them patiently waiting for the final seconds of 2036 to tick by.

Yuki appeared behind us, Coconut Girl in hand. She passed her to me. We took off our masks and left them on a nearby table.

Though the rum tasted a bit cheap, the first sip was marvelous. I was transported straight to a summer day spent lazing by a lake.

Why? I wasn’t sure. I certainly hadn’t spent any time relaxing by a lake.

But wow. 2036 is in the books… What a weird year this was.

I took my second sip, just as strong as the first

I almost can’t believe it. Everything that’s happened… I never would’ve expected to be here of all places. Well, in Hawaii at a party firstly - absolutely wouldn’t have imagined that happening. But everything else - the new job, the new apartment, sitting in the executive box at Blue Stadium… it’s like every single one of my dreams has come true.

A third sip was --


January 1, 2037
SKY Waikiki, Honolulu
12:00 AM

“HAAAPPY NEW YEAAAAAR!” The crowd erupted in cheer
Kenma and Miyuki were screaming along with them
“Happy New Year, Ryu.” Miyuki clinked her Coconut Girl with mine
“Happy New Year!”
“HAPPY NEW YEAR!” Kenma downed the remaining half of his Blonde Bikini, or whatever it was called. “Aahhhh… Check it out, man! Look at this!”

He gestured wildly to the fireworks coming from the bay. Each one covering the sky in color and illuminating all below for a fleeting second.


Off went another.

Everything I ever wanted. To be in with an NPB team… I made it. I finally made it.


It was all a bit surreal

But why doesn’t it all feel right? What a cliche question that was. Why don’t I feel happy about it?


A streamer flew across the sky, whistling as it passed. The crowd “ooooh”’d as was mandated.

I guess I’m still just nervous. Or maybe it’s that I feel like I don’t deserve this. Why was I chosen for the Foxes job? I mean, rationally, it doesn’t make sense - an immediate outside hire mid-season? That’s just weird. But, I got it, right? Or was it because of Laisei? Has everything always been because of Lais--

A slap on my back snapped me from my head.
“You’ve got that thinkin’ look on ya.” Kenma’s hand stayed on my back, “Take a *(censored)* break, huh? Tonight of all nights, man. Just look at all of this.”

He again gestured broadly to Waikiki, which now stood so far below us.

I took a breath. And, after looking out to the horizon since stepping on the deck, I finally saw it.

It was beautiful. The Diamond Head Crater looming to our left, the skyline of Honolulu at our feet, the Pacific spread beyond the horizon. Its waters stained a brilliant red or blue or gold for but a moment with each explosion in the sky.

I looked further. Into the windows of the high-rises, where shadows danced behind their shades. To the barge, where specks could be seen flitting to and fro tending to each of the cannons before firing off another flower. To the street, now 60 meters below us, where cars and vans and trucks moved along their paths. To the people walking below, each filled with thoughts and life and hopes and dreams. To the streets themselves, vines across the floor of a concrete jungle.

I looked to the city of Honolulu and saw it. A breathing, beating, living organism. The city was alive. Full of people, of cars, of boats, of fish, of birds, of drinks, of lights. Of everything.


Another firework.

I know I overthink these things all the time. I can’t help myself… This job is what I’ve always wanted. Or, well, at least always since I realized I’d never make it past high school ball, heheh.

I made it. With the help of so many, and with so many fortunate breaks, I finally made it. It’s not because of Laisei, but thanks to him. And thanks to so so many others, that I was able to grow enough to be ready for this opportunity.

Sure, it hasn’t exactly gone to plan--


--but… if I keep working. Things will work out. They always do.

The stream of fireworks peppering the sky increased in their frequency, eventually reaching a crescendo completely draping the city and all in it in lights and I could finally see it:


Smiling at the beauty unfolding in front of me. Finally, even if only for a moment, contented and comfortable.

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Money can't buy life

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