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READ these RULES First
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Author:  DarkShade [ Thu May 08, 2008 11:50 pm ]
Post subject:  READ these RULES First

The staff reserves the right to edit or delete any posts that don't follow these rules.

Alright, in order to prevent the single massive thread that we created before, let's lay down a few rules. This is mainly to improve searching through the forum for players, rather than sifting through 60 pages of huge images you don't care to download and waste bandwidth and time.

Considering the high demand for requested players, we may require a minimum post count or something similar to restrict access to passwords and further restrictions on making requests.

  • Individual players should be in their own thread, with the full name of the player and position(s) in the title. Don't add superlatives or any other shout outs to it... we will see your guys...
  • If you post a team or a set of players, add players by editing your starting post so they're all in the same post. A bump to announce the edit is appropriate.
  • Posting images are fine, provided they are small in dimension and data. 800x600 and ~50Kb should be the biggest you can post inline (using the [IMG] tag), anything larger, post a link or a clickable thumbnail instead.
  • If you have wiki rights, add your player(s) and team(s) there as well!

These rules are subject to change at any time. Remember, custom players take time to make just right.
  • One player request per person at a time. No exceptions. Post ALL of the required information (name, position, appearance) and as much desired info as possible (desired abilities, stat levels).
  • When your request is fulfilled, edit the title of the first post to say so. Make a link to the post if the completion post is deep in the thread.
  • Wait a week before bumping an un-answered request. The few of us who are kind enough to offer our services are more than likely busy with other requests or our own players.

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