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 Post subject: The New Era of Baseball: United Baseball League
PostPosted: Wed Jul 04, 2018 6:46 pm 
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So I brushed off my wii and noticed i had done a bunch of edits to the rosters. I thought it be cool to do a Season Log with a 30 Team fictional league. It's a mix mash of real players that I punched in via the player updates, and just random edits. I'm going to try to report over a whole league in entirety just to do something different. Hope everybody enjoys

(I accidentally posted on 2007 season instead of 08)

Welcome to the United Baseball League
The new era in professional baseball across north america. After a elongated player's strike and struggling finances of multitude of organizations. We as a league have decided to lead the charge for a new generation of baseball. The United Baseball League is a league meant for Owner's to get a return on investment while letting players enjoy baseball in a true form, emotions and with character. We hope that everyone enjoys the inaugural season and find a team to root for, as we announce the 30 teams participating in the league.

Richmond Blue Claws Image
Team Colors: Baby Blue, Navy, White
Team Location: Richmond, Va
Stadium Name: Captial One Ballpark (Petco Park)
Owner: David Glass
General Manager: Nolan Ryan
Manager: Bruce Bochy

Round Rock Renegades Image
Team Colors: Navy Blue, Yellow, White
Team Location: Round Rock, TX
Stadium Name: Valero Field (U.S. Cellular)
Owner: Joseph W. Gorder
General Manager: Jon Daniels
Manager: Ron Washington

Durham Dragons Image
Team Colors: Mazie, Blue, White
Team Location: Durham, NC
Stadium Name: State Memorial Ballpark (Camden Yards)
Owner: Louis Camilleri
General Manager: J.P. Ricciardi
Manager: Nick Capara

Montreal Reapers Image
Team Colors: Black, Gold, White
Team Location: Montreal, CAN
Stadium Name: Quebec Metro Ballpark (Rogers Centre)
Owner: George Cope
General Manager: Demarlo Hale
Manager: Edgar Martinez

Charlotte Warriors Image
Team Colors: Navy Blue, Gold, White
Team Location: Charlotte, NC
Stadium Name: Time Warner Stadium (GoldenApples)
Owner: Robert D Marcus
General Manager: Parker Norwood
Manager: Terry Francona

Toledo Lions Image
Team Colors: Yellow,Grey,White
Team Location: Toledo,OH
Stadium Name: Main Street Stadium (Progressive)
Owner: Illitch Holding Group Inc
General Manager: Kevin Cash
Manager: Joe Buck

Edmonton Raptors Image
Team Colors: Red,Purple,Black
Team Location: Edmonton, Canada
Stadium Name: Horton's Field (Comerica)
Owner: Al Monaco
General Manager: Ned Yost
Manager: Mark McGwire

Columbus Falcons Image
Team Colors: Yellow, Black, White
Team Location: Columbus,OH
Stadium Name: Columbus Dome (Meterodome)
Owner: Dan Gilbert
General Manager: Gene Alston
Manager: Curt Schillings

Omaha Cougars Image
Team Colors: Gold, Red, Blue
Team Location: Omaha,NE
Stadium Name: TD Ameritrade (Comerica)
Owner: Al Monaco
General Manager: Ned Yost
Manager: Mark McGwire

Iowa City Broncos Image
Team Colors: Orange, Blue
Team Location: Iowa City, IA
Stadium Name: Monsanto Stadium
Owner: James Swanson
General Manager: Sam Bernabee
Manager: Sandy Alomar

Las Vegas Wolfpack Image
Team Colors: Red, Blue, White
Team Location: Las Vegas, NV
Stadium Name: MGM Resorts Stadium (Panpaka)
Owner: James Murren
General Manager: Dan Mason
Manager: Gary Jones

Buffalo Bulldogs Image
Team Colors: Red, Black, Grey
Team Location: Buffalo, NY
Stadium Name: Coca-Cola Field (Suburban)
Owner: Bob Rich Jr
General Manager: J.J. Picollo
Manager: Bobby Meacham

Honolulu Bluefins Image
Team Colors: Blue, Orange, White
Team Location: Honolulu, HI
Stadium Name: Palm Tree Diamond (Rainbow Field)
Owner: Comcast Spectator Inc
General Manager: Jamie Hartfield
Manager: Mike Redmond

San Antonio Samurais Image
Team Colors: Red, Yellow, Black
Team Location: San Antonio
Stadium Name: Phillips 66 Park (Local Ballpark)
Owner: Samurais Inc
General Manager: Ryan Long
Manager: Tim Planter

Colorado Springs Panthers Image
Team Colors: Blue, Black, Whie
Team Location: Colorado Springs, CO
Stadium Name: Municipal Stadium (AT&T)
Owner: David Rainbolt
General Manager: J.J. Picollo
Manager: Chris Woodward

Jacksonville Firehawks Image
Team Colors: Red, Yellow, Bllue
Team Location: Jacksonville, FL
Stadium Name: Gulfshore Field (Shea Stadium)
Owner: Micheal Nolan
General Manager: Jimmy Harlow
Manager: Wally Owens

Scranton Wildcats Image
Team Colors: Purple, Gold, Black
Team Location: Scranton, PA
Stadium Name: Hershey Ballpark (Citizens Bank)
Owner: Micheal Buck
General Manager: Josh Olerud
Manager: Doug Mientkiewicz

Tuscon Dirt Devils Image
Team Colors: Red,Black,White
Team Location: Tuscon, AZ
Stadium Name: CitiBank Park (Chase Field)
Owner: Tuscon Baseball Holding Inc
General Manager: John Gibbons
Manager: Rick Honeycutt

New Orleans Blue Sox Image
Team Colors: Blue, White, Grey
Team Location: New Olreans, LA
Stadium Name: Tidewater Field (Nationals Park)
Owner: John Rynd
General Manager: Quinton Galston
Manager: Craig Counsell

Portland Demons Image
Team Colors: Red, Black, White
Team Location: Portland, OR
Stadium Name: Intel Field (Dodgers Stadium)
Owner: Howard Schultz
General Manager: Micheal Girsch
Manager: Mike Scioscia

Tennessee Hornets Image
Team Colors: Yellow, Black, White
Team Location: Nashville, TN
Stadium Name: Fedex Park (Busch Stadium)
Owner: Softbank Corporation
General Manager: Vincent Pierson
Manager: Joe Dillion

Utah Chill Image
Team Colors: Blue, White, Black
Team Location: Salt Lake City, UT
Stadium Name: Pepsi-Cola Park (Minute Maid)
Owner: Bruce Ratner
General Manager: A.J. Peller
Manager: Bud Black

San Jose Knights Image
Team Colors: Blue, Gold, Black
Team Location: San Jose, CA
Stadium Name: Pacific Stadium (Wrigley)
Owner: Conway Family Holdings Inc
General Manager: Stephen Conway
Manager: Todd Whitting

Phoenix Wings Image
Team Colors: Blue, White, Grey
Team Location: Phoenix, AZ
Stadium Name: Banner Health Stadiu (Suburban)
Owner: Christopher Henson
General Manager: Randy Johnson
Manager: Kieth Dugger

Indianapolis Wizards Image
Team Colors: Blue, Yellow, White
Team Location: Indianapolis, IN
Stadium Name: Todd Young Ballpark (Arlington Ballpark)
Owner: IndyBall Inc
General Manager: Rich Greenburg
Manager: Jeff King

Portland Venom Image
Team Colors: Green, Yellow, White
Team Location: Portland, OR
Stadium Name: Intel Field (Dodgers Stadium)
Owner: Portland Baseball Holding Inc
General Manager: Matt Arnold
Manager: Joey Core

New England Senators Image
Team Colors: Red White Blue
Team Location: Foxborough,MA
Stadium Name: Foxoborough Field (Great American)
Owner: Robert Kraft
General Manager: Chris Antonetti
Manager: Dusty Baker

Sacramento Sharks Image
Team Colors: Teal, Orange, Black
Team Location: Sacramento,CA
Stadium Name: Cisco Field (Petco)
Owner: Bad Boys Sports Inc
General Manager: Tony Reagins
Manager: Cecil Cooper

Denver Navigators Image
Team Colors: Blue, Yellow, White
Team Location: Denver, CO
Stadium Name: Davita Field (Coors Field)
Owner: Mike Staffieri
General Manager: Santiago Arana
Manager: Chipper Jones

Miami Macaws Image
Team Colors: Green,Yellow,Red
Team Location: Miami, FL
Stadium Name: Miami-Dade County Field (Miami)
Owner: Miami Holding Inc
General Manager: Jerry Dipoto
Manager: Ozzie Gullien


Upcoming News
  • Division Placement
  • Announcing of Draft Order
  • Team Draft Grades
  • Preseason Predictions

Stay tuned in, hope everyone finds a team to cheer for and enjoy the upcoming season. I'm still doing tweaks to rosters at the moment. So please bare with me on this. I'm trying to making a cool immersive League through forum post, and trying to be different takes a little time.

United Basell League Season Log

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 Post subject: Re: The New Era of Baseball: United Baseball League
PostPosted: Wed Jul 04, 2018 8:04 pm 
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Power Pro Legend
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Torn between the Reapers and Renegades.

I'm also considering the Wizards, partially out of proximity since they're the closest team to me, but I don't know if I could support a team that plays in a place called Todd Young Ballpark lmao.

(Also these logos are really cool, did you make them yourself?)

yeah that log's dead too- i mean on hiatus (yes that one too)



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 Post subject: Re: The New Era of Baseball: United Baseball League
PostPosted: Wed Jul 04, 2018 9:29 pm 
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Console '08: Nintendo Wii
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Didn't make the logos its a a batch of them I have from OOTP, but there a program that makes them in the that style.

United Basell League Season Log

 Post subject: Re: The New Era of Baseball: United Baseball League
PostPosted: Wed Jul 04, 2018 10:04 pm 
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Console '08: Nintendo Wii
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The official divisional alignments have been announced as follows in the image

Patriot League (DH allowed)
East 1
New England Senators
Montreal Reapers
Charlotte Warroirs
Maimi Macaws
Durham Dragons
Scranton Wildcats

Central 1
New Orleans Blue Sox
Round Rock Renegades
Iowa City Broncos
Columbus Falcons
Denver Navigators
Omaha Cougars

West 1
Honolulu Bluefins
Tuscon Dirt Devils
San Jose Knights
Portland Venom

Freedom League

East 2
Indianapolis Wizards
Richimond Blue Claws
Jacksonville Firehawks
Buffalo Bulldogs

Central 2
Colorado Springs Panthers
San Antonio Samurais
Tennessee Hornets
Toledo Lions

West 2
Portland Demons
Edmonton Raptors
Las Vegas Wolfpack
Sacramento Sharks
Phoenix Wings
Utah Chill

United Basell League Season Log

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 Post subject: Re: The New Era of Baseball: United Baseball League
PostPosted: Wed Jul 04, 2018 10:31 pm 
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Aren't those SB Nation logos? I see the Carolina Panthers, Miami Dolphins, Toronto Raptors, and San Jose Sharks among them.

 Post subject: Re: The New Era of Baseball: United Baseball League
PostPosted: Wed Jul 04, 2018 10:43 pm 
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Some are done in SBnation style, like I said I have a folder of image packs i got to use for OOTP baseball.

United Basell League Season Log

 Post subject: Re: The New Era of Baseball: United Baseball League
PostPosted: Thu Jul 05, 2018 2:02 am 
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Console '08: Nintendo Wii
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United Baseball League Inaugural Draft Order

Pick # Team Name
1 Utah Chill
2 Montreal Reapers
3 Buffalo Bulldogs
4 Scranton Wildcats
5 Durham Dragons
6 Miami Macaws
7 Jacksonville Firehawks
8 San Antonio Samurais
9 Columbus Falcons
10 Toledo Lions
11 Omaha Cougars
12 Charlotte Warriors
13 Honolulu Bluefins
14 Oklahoma City Panthers
15 Richmond Blue Claws
16 Phoenix Wings
17 Denver Navigators
18 New England Senators
19 Tennessee Hornets
20 Tuscon Dirt Devils
21 Portland Demons
22 Round Rock Renegades
23 San Jose Knights
24 New Orleans Blue Sox
25 Iowa City Broncos
26 Portland Venom
27 Sacramento Sharks
28 Las Vegas Wolfpack
29 Indianapolis Wizards
30 Edmonton Raptors

For further reference didn't edit all the rosters of teams(I got impatient), so some of the original 2008 players are still in draft pool. I know it's kind of a weird mix but bare with me.
United Baseball Network's Top 5 List

1. Salvador Perez (well rounded talent, great ability to call a game, as well hit at the plate)
2. DeWanye Ellis (freakish athletic specimen, could possibly be moved out of catcher to outfield)
3. Ralph Siegmund (Brings a old-school type grit to the game, hard nosed and takes nothing from nobody)
4. Ronnie Taylor (Switch Hitting catcher with solid power and a more the serviceable arm to throw out runners.)
5. Garret Everett (Fastest catcher in the draft pool by far,with a solid ability to be a lead-off or 2-hole hitter.)

1. Albert Pujols (This man commands respect every time he heads to plate.)
2. Pat Hayden (Multi-talented Hayden has the ability to play the hot corner as well as go yard at the plate.)
3. Freddie Freeman (Ox like power behind each swing, be ready to play deep shifts against him.)
4. Altair Throne (Throne wheel house is just too big, It's suggested to just pitch high or walk the guy.)
5. Terry Williams (Your Firstbaseman's favorite Firstbaseman)

1. Takayuki Hayashi (The Japanese import is a speed demon with hall-of-fame fielding.)
2. Daniel Murphy (Probably the best hitter out of all secondbasemen in the draft.)
3. Chang-Jun Zhenq (Zhenq is a human vaccum cleaner on defense, nothing is out of his reach.)
4. Brandon Phillips (Phillips has solid power and sneaky fast speed around the bases.)
5.Colin Lewis (Aka Coco, is the definition of the slap hitting lead-off teams will love in their line up.)

1. Hugh Gordon (Solid well rounded player on all parts of the game.)
2. Bradely Cooper (Cooper makes the game look to easy at times.)
3. Johnathan Porter (One of the fastest players in the game right now.)
4. Stevie Jackson (Best way to describe how Stevie plays is scrappy.)
5. Galvin Kennedy (A savvy, pull-hitting shortstop with solid defensive play.)

1. Scott Mathieson (This one of the few guys I could see having 30+ HRs with a .300 Avg)
2. Mike Moustakas (Out of a field of predominately power hitters he stands out the most.)
3. A.J. Freeman (The most well rounded player at the hot corner.)
4. Kris Bryant (One of the better young athletes in the pool of thridbasemen)
5. Ronny Bowman (A Utility man with a more the average bat at the plate.)

1. Matt Holiday (Speed Power and Defenese, what more could you ask?)
2. Deshaun Rayban (He plays like Cubs era Alfonso Soriano to a point you thought he was a clone.)
3. Lee Helmey (Probably the fastest player in the whole draft with a solid bat to boot.)
4. Johnathan Dixon (A true 5-tool player with limited flaws to his game.)
5. Diego Soriano (He lives to take balls 500+ ft.)

1.Ken Griffey Jr (at the edge of his peak but still one of the best in the game.)
2. Ian Happ (Solid power hitter with the ability to range out and command an outfield.)
3.Carlos Beltran (Did someone say switch hitting slugger?)
4.Carlos Ruiz (Streaky hitter that can do some real damage when hot.)
5. Pablo Bustillo (Bustillo has blazing speed with a above average stick at the plate.)

1.Bryce Harper (What else is there to say about him that hasn't been said.)
2. Randall Mendoza (Speedy Rightfieler with a great aggressive approach to the plate.)
3. Adrian Matteo (Slap hitting speed demon, with a cannon for a arm.)
4. Brian Duffy (A great slugger as long he can actually hit for you.)
5. Ed Brown (Utility guy with solid power and above average talent at all categories.)

Starting Pitchers
1.Shane Hipfl (You'll struggle hitting any pitch of this guy more then you'll struggle with his name.)
2.Max Scherzer (High clocking fastball with hard breaking stuff.)
3.Diego De Los Santos (Holds the fastest fastball of starters with a wicked good forkball.)
4.Zach Ulrich (Southpaw with a decent heater and a nasty slider to throw off hitters.)
5.Cole Bray (This submarine hurler has special concoction of control and solid off speed to fool hitters.)

Relief Pitchers
1. Xavier Reynolds (Possibly could be moved into a starting slot, Controlled speed is a deadly weapon.)
2. Emmanuel Rodriguez (Hold an impressive aresanel of pitches to back up his 96 mph fastball.)
3. Tristan Evans (Totes a 100mph Fastball with pinpoint accuracy and quick dropping curve to back it up.)
4. Flecther Tolbert. (90 mph isn't amazing at this level but when it's followed by the nastiest knuckle ball you've seen it is.)

Draft Overview will be announced soon.

United Basell League Season Log

 Post subject: Re: The New Era of Baseball: United Baseball League
PostPosted: Thu Jul 05, 2018 12:18 pm 
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United Baseball League
The draft has been completed, players have been dispersed and I'll hand out the overview of the league and where I think teams stand.
I'll drop each overview by Division to make it slightly more digestible as a reading piece, and again hope everyone enjoys.

Freedom League

Buffalo Bulldogs Image

Projected Starting Five
1.Jason Vargas
2.John Maine
3.Elias Lopez
4.Alexis Shincock
5.Mark Prior

Edgar G Gonzalez
Pedro Strop
Carter Wallace
Rex Brothers
Jesus Padailla
Kaleb Olsen

Projected Starters
C Ronnie Taylor
1B Jamel White
2B Charlie Culberson
3B Chris Conger
SS Hugh Gordon
LF Kaz Murta
CF Corey Patterson
RF Dany Maney

Notables on bench
Khalil Greene SS
Jousha Gallagher CF

Report: The Bulldogs, have quite the odd setup lacking a true second-baseman, and more then likely moving one it's shortstop to play weakside. That aside I feel like they have a solid hitting core with Ronnie Taylor, Hugh Gordon, Kaz Murata, and Jamel white. who will probably fill up the 3 to 6 slots in the line up. While being backed with some speedsters in Corey Patterson and Dany Maney, make for possibly lethal smallball hybrid. Aside from the position players the Starting Rotation isn't that promising, The Bulldogs are gonna be relying a little to heavily on it's outstanding relief pitching which I guess hopes to stop a lot of the bleeding it's starters will cause through out the season.

Strengths: Well Rounded Offense, Impressive Bullpen
Weaknesses: Lackluster Starters, Over-flooded positional players.

Jacksonville Firehawks Image

Projected Starting Five
1. Lucas Sims
2. Dan Howland
3. Sam Berkowitz
4. Mike Sampson
5. Eric Patterson

Steve Blumenstien
Jewel Arriaga
Jouse Santoyo
Travis Hanson
Saitama Kojima
Edward Munro

Projected Starters
C Ronny Bowman
1B Eddie Marmolejos
2B Colton Lamb
3B Edwin Encarnacion
SS Stevie Jackson
LF Juan Pierre
CF Byron Buxton
RF Mack Norich

Notables on bench
Addison Russell
Alton Ashby
Micheal Taylor
Kenny Watkins

Report: This teams problems are gonna be unlike anyone elese, I can't see how this team will operate making sure all it's talent gets playing time throughout the season. This team has multitude of combinations it could work with given the Ronny Bowman and Colton Lamb's ability to play a range of positions in the field. I could definitely see this team trading away to bolster it's pitching a little more, The bullpen doesn't wow me but there are a few solid pieces with Kojima and Arriaga. The Starting rotation doesn't seem to have that problem so a little more pressure will be put on them to produce, but I don't see it being too much of a problem. Sims,Howland,Berkowitz are headaches to batters and deserve respect when on the mound.

Strengths: Deep bench, Solid Starting Rotation
Weaknesses: Too much talent

Richmond Blue Claws Image

Projected Starting Five
1. Chris Young
2. Ubaldo Jimenez
3. Jon DiNatale
4. Anthony Reyes
5. Chris Warner

David Barrow
Eric Berkowitz
Freddie Lynn
Billy Wagner
J.C Romero
Jorge Sosa
Brett Calloway

Projected Starters
C Wayne Escow
1B Steven Cawley
2B John Jenkins
3B Shannon Trest
SS Johan Camargo
LF Talon Bryan
CF Seth Hessman
RF Jaun Encarnacion

Notables on bench
Sebastian Alfonso
Brad Hawpe
Takashi Chu
Diego Maza

Report: I Sense a lot of things could go wrong for this team, The hold to many corner players, most could be starting for multiple teams through out the league, but they'll be sitting pine for a team that won't be able to utilize them. Even if they get settled into new positions, the Blueclaws will suffer tremendously in the fielding department. I guess what ever you got to do to make sure sluggers like Brad Hawpe and Sebastian Alfonso get on the field right?

Strengths: Plenty of Sluggers, Deep Pitching staff
Weaknesses: Too much talent sitting bench

Indianapolis Wizards Image

Projected Starting Five
1. Jason Kendricks
2. Bronson Arroyo
3. Oliver Perez
4. Cory Quinton
5. Pedro Soto

Ant Zoo
Colin Franklin
Francisco Rosario
Arthur Harvell
Wilson Benavaro
Tristan Miller
Danny Ramirez

Projected Starters
C Javier Valentin
1B Freedie Freeman
2B Tyler Conway
3B Jon Truby
SS Jose Reyes
LF Sean LaBercque
CF Colby Rasmusw
RF Ed Brown

Notables on bench
Phil Bassin
Brain Barton
Mosies Alou
Ethan Dunwoody

Report: Indianapolis, made some quite odd choices when they where on the board, The starting rotation isn't built to last for seasons as most of it's above 30 years of age almost

Strengths: , Young fielding talent
Weaknesses: Aging Starting Rotation,Below Average bullpen

United Basell League Season Log

 Post subject: Re: The New Era of Baseball: United Baseball League
PostPosted: Thu Jul 05, 2018 1:06 pm 
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San Antonio Samurais Image

Projected Starting Five
1. Yu Darvish
2. Randy Johnson
4. Drew Smyly
5. John Melo

Flecther Tolbert
Ted Jennings
Tom Gordon
Brian Duesing
Timothy Eckhert

Projected Starters
C Josh Bard
1B Conor Jackson
2B Pat Harvell
3B Kyle Kouzmanoff
SS Wilmer Difo
LF Eric Byrnes
CF Goerge Joyner
RF Adam Eaton

Notables on bench
Jeff Denham
Dylan Miller

Report: San Antonio came in with a plan to load the pitching staff and executed, I expect this team to keep scores low and hopefully dink and dunk hits along the way for a win. Guys like Connor Jackson and Adam Eaton are gonna be relied on heavily to push runs through in most situation which is a lot to ask for just two guys, but they could possibly be up to the challenge.

Strengths: Strong Pitching Staff top to bottom, Young Devolping talent
Weaknesses: No true offensive threats

Tennessee Hornets Image

Projected Starting Five
1.Damion Rayban
2.Felix Baez
3.Alex Covv
4.Tommy Moriarty
5. Gustav Pualino

Brad Lidge
Bradon Wright
Gavin Newton
Chad Qualls
Donny Archer
Jeff Owens

Projected Starters
C Russell Martin
1B Altair Throne
2B Brandon Phillips
3B Johnathan Porter
SS Takayuki Hayashi
LF Nate Hamilton
CF Chad Mathis
RF Vince Robbins

Notables on bench
Rey Carrillo
Eli Brooks
Rick Ankiel
Ben Zobrist

Report: The Hornets, have quite the well rounded team, The Starters for the most part should be able to hold their own throughout the season. The Starters should efficiently produce solid run production to put them above .500, but aside from that I don't see alot of wow factors on the team to make this team a elite threat, Sure Hayashi and Phillips where top 5 picks at secondbase, but managing the middle infield with one playing slightly out of position might cause issues down the line.

Strengths: Young Balanced team, High Potential
Weaknesses: Streaky Pitching Staff, Not enough star power

Colorado Springs Panthers Image

Projected Starting Five
1.Johan Santana
2.Mike Foltynewicz
3.Aaron Cook
4.Jeff Francis
5.Josh Fogg

Mychal Givens
Rubert Sedlacek
Hong-Chin Kuo
Elgin Rolls
Glendon Rusch
Casey Wojnarowski

Projected Starters
C Jason Larue
1B Carlos Guevara
2B David Holland
3B Kris Bryant
SS Rafeal Furcal
LF Matt Kemp
CF Adonnis Fairheart
RF Ryan Church

Notables on bench
Aaron Miles
Clyde Swann
Scott Griffiiths

Report: I'd Probably call the Panthers my favorite to win the Central purely off the stacked lineup. I personally feel they could average a team batting average of .260+. Everybody got at-least gap to gap power and turn singles into run. Hopefully the Starters can keep hold down the high-octane hitting this team could bring for the season, because I have a lot of questions about Johan staying healthy, and guys like Josh Fogg and Jeff Francis ability to hold down the mound enough games to create wins.

Strengths: Sluggers top to bottom,
Weaknesses: Inconsistent Starters, Shaking fielding

Toledo Lions Image

Projected Starting Five
1. Chris Carpenter
2. Ty Howard
3. Christopher Laux
4. Everett Brown
5. Chris Tilman

Nate Karns
Mike Montgomery
Irwin Fullerton
Oliver Reid
Jason Isringhausen
Eddie Devore

Projected Starters
C Chris Snyder
1B Albert Pujols
2B Orlando Hudson
3B Matt Decker
SS Tomonori Oikawa
LF Abraham Almonte
CF Jay Freel
RF Oscar Bowie

Notables on bench
Shada Thompson
Brian Goodwin
Adrian Sanchez

Report: I don't really know how to feel about the Lions. Pujols is a major plus to have in your line up, but outside of of maybe Orlando Hudson and Matt Decker, a lot of run production will rely on him. not saying he can't do it but it's just a very thin roster on with a few athletes that could be possible threats down the road, but I just don't see it right now. The Starting Rotation is possibly the least impressive, after Chris Carpenter and Ty Howard it's a massive drop off in talent. The Bullpen is the saving grace Toledo, Mike Montgomery, Nate Karns, Irwin Fullerton have their work cut out for them this season.

Strengths: Spectactular Bullpen, Solid Power Hitters
Weaknesses: Depth at Pitching and Fielding

United Basell League Season Log

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PostPosted: Thu Jul 05, 2018 2:28 pm 
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Phoenix Wings Image
Projected Starting Five
1.Taijuan Walker
2.Tomas Foster
3. Matt Taylor
4. Brendan Taylor
5. Alex Arias

Yoan Heranado
Ramon Hernandez
Bill Wilport
Jon Bouknight
Carlos Torres
David Weathers

Projected Starters
C Jeremy Watts
1B Nomar Garciaparra
2B Ozzie Albies
3B Scott Mathieson
SS Scooter Ashley
LF Chris Duncan
CF Willy Taveras
RF Denzel Stone

Notables on bench
Ian Halter
Alex Gordon
Jeff Keppinger
Landon Powell

Report: The Wings possibly have the best bullpen in the league, Guys like Bill Wilport, Ramon Hernandez, Yoan Heranado are essentially closers in their own right. The starting rotation is more then likely to be lead by Taijuan Walker or Tomas Foster, Both can give quality starts and keep a game close if need be. The wings are probably playing smallball for the season, not a lot of power hitters outside of Mathieson and Garciaparra, who really could just rack up Sac Flys all year with how fast this team is. Hopefully they'll be able to put pressure on the base paths to create a path to the playoffs.

Strengths: Speedy, Deep Pitching Staff
Weaknesses: Slim Power Hitting, Lack of bench depth

Utah Chill Image

Projected Starting Five
1. Jose Quintana
2. Jon Lester
3. Arnold Lewis
4. Tom Ledden
5. Ian Kennedy

Ollie Volder
Cecil Gregorio
Kent Mercker
Melvin Acconero
Henry Nalton

Projected Starters
C Yadier Molina
1B Mike Sweeney
2B Adam Kennedy
3B David Wright
SS Matt Peters
LF Penn Morris
CF Mario Apodaca
RF Andre Ethier

Notables on bench
Chester Cuthbert
Zachary Tarman
Ben Kelly
Pedro Severino

Report: The Utah Chill's eyepopping starting rotation is possibly the only thing going for them at the moment. The Bullpen is average at best and most of the run production is going to be split between Andre Ethier and David Wright. Who aren't bad players at all, but when the rest of the lineup is a dice roll of getting on base week to week, you've got a major problem on your hands.

Strengths: Starting Pitching
Weaknesses: Average Hitting, Lack of depth

Sacramento Sharks Image

Projected Starting Five
1.Kyle Hendricks
2.Andrew Cashner
3.Josh Shurtz
4.Martin Mendes
5. Brent Richard

Steven Napper
Eric Khoury
Brad Thompson
Nathan Osborne
Morgan Aronson
Jun-Hun Sin

Projected Starters
C Ross O' Donald
1B Eric Kelly
2B Nash Inglett
3B Ricky Sanchez
SS Alcides Escoar
LF Marlon Anderson
CF Carlos Beltran
RF Jorge Bonifacio

Notables on bench
Dansby Swanson
Cesar Barzilla
Jeremy Knight
Mark Trumbo

Report: Sacramento probably has one of the better defensive teams through out the UBL, guys like Alcides Escobar and Carlos Beltran don't make too many mistakes and make some eye popping plays. They'll need to be a consistent hitting team though to be competitive within the division. The Starting rotation i would say is okay at best, Kyle Hendricks covers up alot of ground for that and bullpen is about just as average, This team is probably going to need make a mid season move to combat the current dullness of the team as a whole

Strengths: Defensively solid team,
Weaknesses: Iffy Pitching staff, Poor hitting team

Las Vegas Wolfpack Image
Projected Starting Five
1.Max Scherzer
2.Derek Lowe
3.Randy Wolf
4.Grant Chapman
5.Kip Wells

Phil Angel
Peter Moylan
Scot Schoenweis
Arodys Vincaino
Vernon Voyles
Paul Roberts

Projected Starters
C Kurt Suzuki
1B Terry Williams
2B Lionel Aceves
3B Mikal Crabtree
SS Alberto Rojas
LF Blake Fairfield
CF Ronnie Person
RF Bryce Harper

Notables on bench
J.J. Stratton
Heraldo Soria
Alberso Chacon
Alexander Wiltshire

Report: Las Vegas Possibly made all the right moves to put them in playoff contetion, Superstar talent like Ma Scherzer and Bryce Harper put them ahead of most the competition, along with their acompanied players. Speed demons like Blake Fairfield and Heraldo Soria. Sluggers like Terry Williams and Mikal Crabtree round out a more then potent team.

Strengths: Superstar Talent, Electric Offense
Weaknesses: Middle Infield, 4 and 5 Starting slots

Edmonton Raptors Image

Projected Starting Five
1. Kyle Lohse
2. Allen Naseman
3. Eric Naseman
4. Mark Mulder
5. Domingo Melendez

Maverick Tretter
Tito Sosa
Cliff Harrison
Francisco Cordero
Eun-Young Song

Projected Starters
C Howard Benton
1B Ryan Zimmerman
2B Tommy Eag
3B Miguel Sano
SS Andrew Cassity
LF Matt Holliday
CF Jim Edmonds
RF Brian Duffy

Notables on bench
Gene Kraemer
Austin Truby
Igor Martel
Ferris Flannery

Report: Edmonton has a lot of work to do with it's starting rotation, there "ace" for now is Kyle Lohse who really more of middle of the week starter then a guy who you'd want to start off your line up. Thank god the Bullpen is loaded with talented relief pitching, because 1 through five will obviously struggle giving a solid seven inning outing.

Strengths: Bullpen
Weaknesses: Starting Pitching

Portland Demons Image
Projected Starting Five
1.Austin Lett
2.Phil McCollen
3.Ken Bryde
4.Taysuke Kuramochi
5.Izzy Venafro

Quinton Palmer
Aaron Heilman
Kris Irving
Brian Zeleny
Neal Sanhueza

Projected Starters
C Brian Scheider
1B Anthony Rizzo
2B Damion Easley
3B Bryon Clay
SS Nasir Fallas
LF Kendrick Lowes
CF Trevor Brown
RF Oscar Taveras

Notables on bench
Edgar Martinez
Randall Conrad
Juluis Blackheart
Brian Chatham

Report: The Demons seemed to build for the future instead of trying to win now, This could possibly the building blocks to a upcomming dynasty maybe. Alot of these players are mostly under 25 sprinkled in with a few Seasoned Veterans. I don't see much happening with the team now but watch out for players like Oscar Taveras, Nasir Fallas, Phill McCollen to be filling stat leader boards in the near future.

Strengths: Young High Potential Team
Weaknesses: Ready to go Talent, Veteran Leadership

United Basell League Season Log

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Wiki Contributor
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I'm rooting for the Sharks



2017 and 2018 MLBPPW Fantasy Football League Champion

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cdawg023 wrote:
Buffalo Bulldogs

Projected Starting Five
1.Jason Vargas
2.John Maine

3.Elias Lopez
4.Alexis Shincock
5.Mark Prior

We did it! Thank you to all of my great supporters, we just officially won the election (despite all of the distorted and inaccurate media).

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Patriot League

New England Senators Image
Projected Starting Five
1. Hiroshi Kuwata
2. Dylan Bundy
3. Bryson Edwards
4. Ernesto Lorraine
5. Peter Clippard

Nui Keiki
Jarvis Blalock
Brian Fuentes
Jonathan Broxton
Cory Quiltin
Justin Grimm

Projected Starters
C Derrek Bumatay
1B Nate Jennings
2B Justin Simmons
3B Anthony Rendon
SS Clint Barmes
LF Alex Marquez
CF Josh Johnson
RF Ian Happ

Notables on bench
Arthur Woods
Bill Hill
Jon Jay
Jeffery Anderson

Report: It's like New England are just always a threat to possibly be a champions. The Pitching rotation is more then serviceable for the league along with it's ridiculously talented bullpen of Keiki, Blalock, Broxton, and more. The Lineup isn't as impressive as the pitching but none the less still talented. Sluggers like Ian Happ, Anthony Rendon will help balanced out the lack of power hitters through out the roster, maybe a additional slugger could put this team as the front runner.

Strengths: Legendary Bullpen, Talented Outfield
Weaknesses: Middle Infield lacking, Power Hitting.

Miami Macaws Image

Projected Starting Five
1. Zach Ulrich
2. Tony Flores
3. Dario Lemay
4. Asher Wojciechowski
5. Fraklin Morales

Joel Mercado
Sunny Hills
Kelvin Herrera
Benny Olstead

Projected Starters
C Ty Wilson
1B Payton Saxton
2B Colin Lewis
3B Jon Martinez
SS Ryan Borkowski
LF Kris Tankersley
CF Jaqullie Bradely
RF Wayne Hockersmith

Notables on bench
Heraldo Bonilla
Kris Tankersley
Chris Snelling
Chris Floyd

Report: I know I praise a mass majority of teams for their pitching but hear me out, this is definitely the best in the league. It covers up for the lack of hitting talent they have, but it may not be too much of a issue if guys like Jaquille Bradely and Payton Saxton get hot at the right time. Just don't be surprised if they make a playoff run.

Strengths: Pitching Staff, Fielding
Weaknesses: Power Hitting

Durham Dragons Image

Projected Starting Five
1. Harold Kistner
2. Jake Arrieta
3. Jason Schimdt
4. Rafael Ortuno
5. Peter Cosme

Otavio Urbina
Ant Zoo
Trevor Hoffman
Justin Wilson
Nate Jenkins
Lance Atkison

Projected Starters
C Devin Cooley
1B Ethan Wheeler
2B Chavis Carson
3B Tadahito Iguchi
SS Daniel Aqunio
LF Adam Dunn
CF Chris Young
RF Jackson Terrell

Notables on bench
Scott Hatteberg

Roberto Vega

Report: The Durham Dragons are probably the worst matchup for weak pitching teams, subpar pitching is going to get Tee'd up by the likes of Adam Dunn, Chavis Carson and Ethan Wheeler. The bench has even extra sluggers if the first nine weren't enough for you. A team that turly lives by the pharse "Chicks dig the long ball".

Strengths: Power Hitting
Weaknesses: No True 3B, Pitching Depth

Montreal Reapers Image

Projected Starting Five
1. Diego De Los Santon
2. Greg Maddux
3. Nathan Russell
4. John Lackey
5. Esteban Loaiza

Andruw Snare
Stephen Morales
Carl Edwards Jr
Steve Chisek
Takashi Saito
Parker Beson

Projected Starters
C David Ross
1B Adrian Gonzalez
2B Matt Weibl
3B Chris COlin
SS Eli Ennis
LF Johnathan Dixon
CF Jaycob Brugman
RF Omar Gilbert

Notables on bench
Stephen Drew
Gabe Maldonando
Chris Colin
Tom Carter
Ethan Pote

Report: Montreal is a very top loaded team, Guys like Diego De Los Santos and Johnathan Dixon are premier talent, it's the question can the supporting cast around them keep them in a game. A lot of the more forgetable players on this team don't bring very much to the table for the Reapers and are borderline liabilities on the field (Looking at your John Lackey and Carl Edwards Jr).

Strengths: 1-3 Starters, Power Hitting
Weaknesses: Late Rotation Starting, Outfield

Charlotte Warriors Image

Projected Starting Five
1. Dan Haren
2. Jacob Junis
3.Bryant Russell
4. Adam Eaton
5. Clint Kicker

Taylor Buchholz
Nate Goodwin
Griffith Blackburn
Ben Nance
Luke Jackson

Projected Starters
C Tyler Flowers
1B Zach Tolar
2B Whit Merrifield
3B Mike Moustakas
SS Manny Machado
LF Jose Valenzuela
CF Ananoni Mikala
RF Adrian Matteo

Notables on bench
Terrell Jackson
Jason Stutz
Mitch Enochs
Hedo Iwata
Kory McDade

Report: Charlotte is the scary good team of the East. Not a lot of obvious holes with in the roster to point out. The sheer number of talented hitters goes outside of the nine you slap on a lineup. I don't envy any team that has a series against the warroirs cause they'll more then likely push for a 10 runs or more a game.

Strengths: Power Hitting, Relief Pitching
Weaknesses: Starting Pitching, Fielding

Scranton Wildcats Image
Projected Starting Five
1.Stephen Starburg
2.Orlando Hernadez
3.Bartolo Colon
4. Nathan Eovaldi
5. Gerritt Coel

Rudy Seanez
Brandon Kintzler
Oliver Ried
Todd Wellemeyer
Jeremy Affeldht

Projected Starters
C Rico Pollard
1B Cameron Nelson
2B Fredrico Cruz
3B Curtis Campbell
SS Walter Jayo
LF Mark White
CF Baylor Jackson
RF Ken Tighe

Notables on bench
Colin Eckelman
Albert Alomar Jr
Ryan Spilborghs
Howie Kendrick
Nick Markakis

Report: Not sure how Scranton is gonna work out but godspeed to them. I personally feel like they have too many outfielders, and should have no problem being able to trade a few away for some actual infielders. They wont be able to utilize a lot of these guys who could start in other situations and just not good to bee so deep because you can't play with 8 outfielders. Outside of this glaring issue the Pitching staff is solid 1 to 5 and I think could prevent this team being a massive tankfest.

Strengths: Outfielders, Pitching Staff
Weaknesses: Limited infielding,

United Basell League Season Log

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PostPosted: Fri Jul 06, 2018 9:59 am 
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Iowa City Broncos Image

Projected Starting Five
1. Clay Marist
2. Bradon Webb
3. Tanner Roark
4. Danny Dufft
5. Carlos Chaco

Guido Martinson
Edgaurdo Ramirez
Dave Woods
Rafeal Almanza
Terry Stark

Projected Starters
C Marcus Eldridge
1B Al Garcia
2B Gavin Kennedy
3B Troy Glaus
SS Randy Hoffer
LF Sean Cole
CF John Peacock
RF Stan Davenport

Notables on bench
Brian Giles
Danny Valentina
Trey Staton
Ramon Castor
Marco Vilchez

Report: Iowa City tried must be thinking it's going to make a revolutionary statement by not having a actual Secondbasemen for the team. It's not going to, The desperate need for solid defensive players is obvious when have to do things like that. Who knows though maybe they can pull through but I don't have much hope for them.
Strengths: Starting Pitching, Speed
Weaknesses: No True 2B, Poor Fielding

Columbus Falcons Image
Projected Starting Five
1.Aaron Harang
2. Aaron Nola
3. Pedro MAldonado
4. Karl Steele
5. Burhan Mansour

Xavier Reynolds
Ueda Oyama
Luke Duane

Projected Starters
C Conrad Huaman
1B Alejandro Moreno
2B Chang-Jun Zheng
3B Wille Harris
SS Sam Riley
LF Cody Wallace
CF David Brown
RF Dayan Viciedo

Notables on bench
Siesaki Migita
Norris Hopper
Adam Farris
Roberto Elizondo
Ed Allen

Report: The Columbus falcons have a solid set of building blocks with Aaron Nola becoming the possible ace for the team. Guys like Zhenq and Willie Harris putting up solid numbers to put this team in competitive space in the division. I'd say this would be a overall solid team, but the pitching is spotty in places and there a over abundance of outfielders on the team, not a good combo at all.

Strengths: Starting Rotation
Weaknesses: Bullpen

Round Rock Renegades Image

Projected Starting Five
1. Pedro Martinez
2. Cole Hammel
3. Danny Selph
4. Connor Smitth
5. Jacob Gauss

Mason Oraqou
Chad Billingsley
Tristan Evans
Heath Bell
Casper Heaverlo

Projected Starters
C Micheal Barrett
1B Todd Helton
2B Javier Perez
3B Augie Ojeda
SS Jose Iglesias
LF Diego Soriano
CF Kyle Landry
RF Joey Rickard

Notables on bench
Donny Sparks
Randall White
Matt Perata
Leonard Mattison

Report: Round Rock loaded up it's pitching staff to hopefully gloss over the much barren and lack luster hitting. Even thought Todd Helton and Diego Soriano and threats at the plate, it's hard to knock runs in when the rest of the team isn't reliable to get on base. This team is probably gonna struggle on early with it's lacking talent at the plate.

Strengths: Bullpen
Weaknesses: Hitting

Omaha Cougars Image

Projected Starting Five
1.Paul Lee
2.Issac Myers
3.David Richerson
4.Luiz Gohara
5. Jared Eickhoff

Alex Ciera
Danny Rodrigue
Mike Hudson
Jose Ramirez
Chad Durbin

Projected Starters
C Willy Contreras
1B Zach Merricks
2B Ede Warner
3B Ryan James
SS Cesar Izturis
LF Deshaun Rayban
CF Carlos Ruiz
RF Garrett Jones

Notables on bench
Peter Bourjos
Corey Dillion
Brad Wayne
Earnest Grimm
Bill Bibby

Report: Omaha as a team just seems to have a X-Factor to it, It's a toss up how this team could do. The Pitching staff throws straight gas but most struggle a decent strike ratio to be fully effective players creating way more scoring opportunities then need be. Deshuan Rayban and Carlos Ruiz are expected to light a fire for the team offensively and I think they can do it. It's just hoping that the this wild set of pitchers can reel it in for wins on the season.

Strengths: High Heat Pitching
Weaknesses: Accurate pitching

Denver Navigators Image
Projected Starting Five
1. Charlie Gordon
2. Brad Penny
3. Edwin Jackson
4. Adam Wainwright
5. Kevin Gausman

Mike Wiley
Jorge Andujar
Montero Herrara
Kuyikitio Shibuya
Brian Moehler

Projected Starters
C Garret Everett
1B James Loney
2B Luis Castillo
3B Garrett Atkins
SS Troy Tulowitzki
LF Kyle Schwarber
CF Andruw Jones
RF David Vicente

Notables on bench
Mike DiFelice
Marquis Warrick
Nicholas Rayban
Jody Gerut
Chad Tracy
Will Franks

Report: The Navigators look like the team to beat in the central, The most talented team with a bat in their hands for sure. Troy Tulo Witzki, James Loney, Andruw Jones are real threats at the plate, and it doesn't just stop with them. The DH on this team is going to be a toss up with Guys like Chad Tracy and Nicholas Rayban who both could easily fill the spot. The Pitching is just as solid, Charlie Gordon as the Ace is always a good place to start off at back by the likes of Brad Penny,

Strengths: Hitting, Pitching Staff
Weaknesses: Middle Infield

New Orleans Blue Sox Image
Projected Starting Five
1. Shane Hipfl
2. Gio Gonzalez
3. Jamie Moyer
4. Julio Teheran
5. Antonio Olivas

Quinton Palmer
Elias Lopez
Caleb Cerone
Donnie Hart
Mark Redman
Choji Morita

Projected Starters
C Ralph Siegmund
1B Trey Macini
2B Jeremy Hayman
3B Mark Renolds
SS Tim Beckham
LF Duncan Hines
CF Ender Inciarte
RF Dante Rockhill

Notables on bench
Micheal Magrath
Rogger Ennis
Bob Schmitz
Patrick Stratton
Adam Jones

Report: New Orleans, is possibly a close second to take the central maybe even first if I'd think the hitting core was better. Shane Hipfl is the best pitcher in the league hands down and is backed by a solid Rotation and bullpen. I will say I don't understand drafting two Starting worthy cacthers in Magrath and Siegmund unless one of them plans to DH, it's a wasted talent if not. This is a quite a odd team but definitely one you'd want to watch for come September to October.

Strengths: Contact Hitting, Pitching
Weaknesses: Power

United Basell League Season Log

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Finally done with the Reports
I'll Do a Pre-Season Power Ranking before we get into games.


Portland Venom Image
Projected Starting Five
1. Orlando Castro
2. Mitsuro Minami
3. Doug Davis
4. Ryan Branes
5. Jason Hirsh

Daniel Amador
Hirko Kuroda
Joe Blanton
Clay Hensley
Daniel Sanchez
Pete Lombard
Richard Bleier

Projected Starters
C DeWayne Ellis
1B Shane Cain
2B Martin Colamarino
3B Bennet Claar
SS Oscar Cresse
LF Lee Helmey
CF Pablo Bustillo
RF Randall Mendoza

Notables on bench
Ken Griffey Jr
Miguel Corona
Jerry Hairston Jr
Chris Burke
Jorge Soler

Report: Portland Venom are a massive threat to the league in my eyes. They have a qualility pitching staff with guys like Daniel Sanchez and Knuckleballer Misturo Minami, but that's not the true reason this team has a shot at playoffs. The hitting core is loaded with guys like Ken Griffey, DeWayne Ellis, Randall Mendoza, Who all can just stroke the ball. They'll probably be 3 to 5 hitters surrounded by a spur of solid contact hitters who can easily make their way to a base.

Strengths: Hitting
Weaknesses: Left Side Fielding

Honolulu Bluefins Image
Projected Starting Five
1. Derek Mathis
2. Jesse Meadows
3. Bradon Looper
4. Jesse Hahn
5. Dante Hammond

Jason Brewer
Vince Allen
Raul Olivo
Yusmerio Petit
Alejandro Rodriguez
Natal Heaverlo

Projected Starters
C Matt Wieters
1B Carlos Delgado
2B Daniel Murphy
3B Howard Ramesy
SS Bradely Cooper
LF Alex Romero
CF BoB Newberry
RF J.J. Owens

Notables on bench
Yorvit Torrealba
Eric Porter
Alexander Winchester
Rich Calandra

Report: Honolulu has solid building blocks for a team, I personally don't see them making any noise immediately though. The lineup will probably drop off severly at around the six hitter, because their bottom end players don't bring that much to the plate. If that gets ironed out maybe things could change for the Bluefins, but right now this isn't a eye catching team and needs a little more work.

Strengths: Starting Pitching, Power Hitting
Weaknesses: Bullpen

Tuscon Dirt Devils Image
Projected Starting Five
1. Cidro Carrera
2. Alberto De La Torre
3. Randy Nance
4. Matt Belisle
5. Duncan Miltrow

DeAngelo Hollins
Noah Eckert
Gustavo Mendes
Alex Alvares
Phillip Tackett

Projected Starters
C Tom Chenny
1B Pat Hayden
2B Javier Baez
3B A.J. Freeman
SS James Carter
LF Scott Podsednik
CF Jayson Heyward
RF Paul Prowant

Notables on bench
Natsuko Hsia
Glen Pelzig
Kevin Cosme
Reggie Norris
Vince Murillo
Evan McGinny

Report: Tuscon looks like another team for the future. Most players are under the age of 25 and have room to grow and devolpment. It's not great for a bottom line of the team, but hopefully they make some moves to put it together. The pitching staff as a whole could use a little more help, but I think for where this team is at they should be okay.

Strengths: High Potential Team
Weaknesses: Bench Depth, Relief Pitching

San Jose Knights Image
Projected Starting Five
1.Jake Peavy
2.Cole Bray
3.Matt Clement
4.Chase Capuano
5. Anibal Sanchez

Emmanuel Rodriguez
Sam Freeman
Matt Grace
Kai Arteaga
Russ Springer

Projected Starters
C Salvador Perez
1B Patrick Saxton
2B Jonathan Schoop
3B Aaron McIntire
SS Rich Stahlman
LF Endy Chavez
CF Trea Turner
RF Christain Wallac

Notables on bench
Jeff Kent
Tommy Pellow
Angel Pagan
Adam Melhuse
Luka Dimortello

Report: The San Jose Knights have a very thin roster at a first glance. The Starters aren't bad I would say have Peavy as a Ace is great, but the bullpen beyond Emmanuel Rodriguez isn't great. This team has a lot to work on and this season isn't going to be anything spectacular by them.

Strengths: Speed, Contact hitting
Weaknesses: Depth

United Basell League Season Log

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