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 Post subject: AR Codes Released and Explained
PostPosted: Mon Nov 29, 2021 11:48 pm 
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Figured I would just release these codes to whoever wants them. When reading these codes, replace the 'X' with the chosen number.

The way I edited this was on Dolphin Emulator>Start Game>Tools>Cheat Manager>AR Codes>Enter them here. This way you can edit, activate, and deactivate during the game.

01037D45 00000003 : Trajectory (0-3)
01037D46 0000000F : Contact (1-F)
01037D47 000000FF : Power (0-FF)
01037D48 0000000F : Run Speed (1-F)
01037D49 0000000F : Fielding (1-F)
01037D4A 0000000F : Arm Strength (1-F)
01037D4B 0000000F : Error Resistance (1-F)
01037D4C 00000004 : This line and the following make Marvin have ALL blue/green abilities. (Intim, ect)
01037D4D 00000004
01037D4E 00000002
01037D4F 00000000
01037D50 00000084
01037D51 000000FF
01037D52 000000FB
01037D53 000000A9
01037D54 000000DC
01037D55 0000009B
01037D56 00000051
01037D57 000000FF
01037D58 00000056
01037D59 00000080

01038051 00000003
01038052 0000000F
01038053 000000FE
01038054 0000000F
01038055 0000000F
01038056 0000000F
01038057 0000000F
01038058 00000004
01038059 00000004
0103805A 00000002
0103805B 00000000
0103805C 00000084
0103805D 000000FF
0103805E 000000FB
0103805F 000000A9
01038060 000000DC
01038061 0000009B
01038062 00000051
01038063 000000FF
01038064 00000056
01038065 00000080

Scout/Manager Eval
0303954A 000000XX : (00-64)
03039548 000000XX : (00-64)

Outs, Strikes, Balls
0105331C 0000000X : (0-2) *Still active between at bats in Success or MLB Life, so use caution as the inning will never end. Or activate this during your half inning so you can take a lead, then deactivate to continue the game.
0105331A 0000000X : (0-2)
0105331B 0000000X : (0-4) *A input at 4 makes the next pitch an automatic walk.

Lucy, Patty, Emily *The likeness will always appear, even prior to meeting them.
01039819 000000XX : (00-64)
0103981A 000000XX : (00-64)
0103981B 000000XX : (00-64)

01039764 000000XX : (00-64)

Hot zones for Success Player
01036BE5 00000001
01036BE6 00000001
01036BE7 00000001
01036BE8 00000001
01036BE9 00000001
01036BEA 00000001
01036BEB 00000001
01036BEC 00000001
01036BED 00000001

Original Pitch
Few things before we begin
1. You need to complete the event where Sittch teaches you the original pitch prior to changing these offsets.
2. You technically don't need to choose the pitch in the direction you want, but it would seem strange when playing if you didn't.
(For example, if I wanted my pitcher to pitch a Knuckleball, I would want to choose "Forkball". If I chose Curveball, I will select the diagonal direction to throw a knuckleball, which would feel strange.
3. These numbers can be totally custom, as you can create any pitch, at any speed (49MPH-105MPH). Same with the break, if you adjust some setting too high, it will be impossible to throw a strike.
4. AR Codes Listed Below, and I will follow up with explanation of them.

01036BD6 000000XX : Pitch ID (03-16)
01036BD7 0000000X : Horizontal Movement (00-XX)
01036BD8 0000000X : Vertical Movement (00-XX)
01036BD8 000000XX : Unknown Value
01036BDA 0000000X : Sharpness of Break (0-7)
01036BDB 000000XX : Difference from speed of 4-Seam Fastball (0-XX)

Further Explanation
1. The "unknown value" seems to change depending on the pitch you select. I probably wouldn't touch it.
2. If you put a value of 0 at the last offset, it will create the pitch to be the same speed as the 4-Seam fastball. So this is where a 105 MPH Knuckleball is possible. This does not appear to effect the movement in any way too.
3. Pitch ID's List
01- 4 seam
02- 2 Seam
04-Hard Slider
07-Slow Curve ball
08-Drop Curveball
10-Vertical Slider
15-Hard Sinker
17-Sinking Fastball
19-Hard Shuuto
22-Appears to spin like gyroball, but always foul-tip if the batter connects. *Strange enough, sometimes it looks like the batter puts the ball in play and it ends as a foul tip strike.
25- Ball literally disappears, automatic strike. If put in play by a bunt, ball is popped up super high in foul territory.
*Some of these still need to be tested again.
26- Automatic ball, if past ball (which happens a lot) then the ball appears to fly straight up to space (literally) and cannot be chased down. All runners score.
2D-Rising Pitch, Crazy break. Reminds me of the crazy pitch in Backyard Baseball.
*If I skipped some, then that means it is the same as the previous one.
2E and on appears to make pitcher instant tired, and taken out of the game.

I hope this makes people happy as I have been wanting to edit the original pitch in a lot greater detail since 2009 when I got this game. The only things I have, but did not post here are
-Custom Blue/Green abilities (EX- Gyroball & Intimidator, Good Day/Night Game, Slugger, Ect..Any abilitiy in the game can be obtained prior to advancing past week 1) for your character, Marvin, or Teammates.
-Editing other teammates abilities (I have edited Terry and any other player, but didn't think anyone would care)
-Contract and Fans editing in MLB Life.

The only things I would like to do but have not figured out yet.
-Unlimited Vitality
-Editing teammates abilities in MLB Life
-Editing stats in MLB Life

My 08 Players Iv made
Brad Max Out Pitcher
Bones Max Out 3B

My 07 Players Iv Made

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