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Fielder Attributes


  • Scale: 1-4
  • Determines the angle at which line drives are hit.

Contact - Can sometimes be called Hit for Avg.

  • Contact: 1-15
  • Represents the size of the player's hitting cursor. Affects both normal and big swing modes.


  • Scale: 0-255
  • Determines how hard the player is able to hit balls.

Run Speed

  • Scale: 1-15
  • Affects how well the player rounds the bases as well as speed on the field.

Arm Strength

  • Scale: 1-15
  • Determines how strong a player can throw when fielding. Affects pick-off throws for pitchers as well.


  • Scale: 1-15
  • Affects run speed and jump height on the field, as well as the delay before throwing the ball. Also affects accuracy of throws.

Error Resistance

  • Scale: 1-15
  • Represents sure-handedness. Players high in this attribute are not only less prone to errors, but less likely to deflect hard-hit balls or let them go by. Affects the ability to stop comebackers for pitchers and chances of passed balls for catchers.

Pitcher Attributes

Top Speed

  • Scale: 49-105mph
  • Highest possible speed of 4SFB.


  • Scale: 0-255
  • Likelihood of pitch hitting the target. Also affects chances of misthrowing a pitch.


  • Scale: 0-255
  • Affects number of pitches a pitcher can throw before tiring.

Pitch Types

See Pitch Types

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