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Items (perishable)

  • Powerin: A sports drink that restores some of your vitality when consumed. You can always buy up to five bottles per month in the store, and if you donate money for certain holidays, fans will send you either a 5-pack of normal Powerin or a bottle of Powerin Gold (or Gold EX).
    • Powerin-$100 - restores about 1/8 vitality
    • Powerin EX-$500 - restores 1/4
    • Powerin Gold-$1,000 - restores 1/2
    • Powerin Gold EX-$1,500 - restores about 3/4
    • Powerin MAX-$2,000 - restores full vitality
  • Herbal Medicine: Costs $200. Using this reduces about 1/8 of your fatigue.
  • Compress Pad: Costs $300. Best used when your player has been forced to sit out due to injury. Using this helps speed up healing.
  • Protein: This provides a small bonus to ratings boosts gained through gameplay, practice, reading, etc, that is in effect for about three days.
    • Protein-$300
    • Protein EX-$500
    • Protein Gold-$1500
    • Protein Max-$3000
      • TIP: After your player begins his decline, using Protein Max will stop his ratings (though not those blue abilities tied to age) from declining for a few days.
  • Multi-Vitamin: This gives you some resistance from injury for a few days. You can still get injured, however.
    • Multi-Vitamin-$400
    • Multi-Vitamin EX-$800
    • Multi-Vitamin Gold-$1,600
    • Garlic Supplement- $500 gives you some pep making your player feel good


As in real life, cars serve as status symbols in My Life. Five types of cars will be available in the shop each month, and you can get any color you want. Said colors are black, white, red or yellow.

  • Convertible-$100,000
  • (Premium) Sports Car-$400,000
  • Premium Sedan-$60,000
  • Cruiser-$20,000
  • Sports Car-$200,000
  • Hybrid Car-$40,000
  • Family Type Sedan-$20,000
  • SUV-$100,000
  • Pickup Truck-$200,000
  • Classic Car-$400,000. Gas costs $1,000.

Booster Items

  • Dumbbells, Barbells and Bench Press: These mainly help increase your power.
    • 6.5 lbs Dumbbell-$5,000
    • 11 lbs Dumbbell-$10,000
    • 22 lbs Dumbbell-$20,000
    • Gold Dumbbell-$80,000
    • Barbell - $10,000
    • Silver Barbell - price varies depending on your salary
    • Gold Barbell - $150,000
    • Bench Press (reg)-$200,000
    • Overhead Press $250,000 boosts arm str
    • Bench Press EX-$400,000
    • Batting Cage- $25,000
  • Aerobike: Your garden variety stationary bike. Mainly helps increase speed (fielders) or stamina (pitchers).
    • Aerobike-$150,000)
    • Hi-tech Aerobike-$500,000
  • Leg Press- $250,000 improves Speed and power
  • Pitching Machines: Pitcher-exclusive item, oddly enough. In any case, helps increase top speed, stamina and control.
    • Pitching Machine-$250,000
    • Hi-Tech Pitching Machine-$1,000,000
  • Balance Balls: These help your player's Fielding ability.
    • Balance Ball-$2,500
    • Balance Ball EX-$5,000
  • Pitching Scope Cam-$50,000 - Pitcher-exclusive item. Helps increase top speed and control.
    • Relax Capsule: Used to restore vitality and reduce fatigue.
    • Relax Capsule I-$2,500,000
    • Relax Capsule II-$3,000,000
    • Relax Capsule III-$3,500,000
    • Relax Capsule IV-???
    • Relax Capsule V-???
    • Relax Capsule VI-???
    • Relax Capsule VII-???
    • Relax Capsule VII-???
    • Relax Capsule X II-$7,500,000
  • Infrared Device-$50,000
  • Low Freq. Device-$25,000
  • Portable infrared EX-$300,000
  • Crazy Ball: Odd-looking ball that bounces unpredictably when thrown down. Helps improve fielding ability.
    • Crazy Ball-$2,500
    • Crazy Ball EX-$5,000
  • Tee Stand-$25,000
  • Training Overhd Prs-$1,000,000 improves your arm Strength
  • Footwork Pad: Helps improve running speed.
    • Footwork Pad-$2,500
    • Footwork Pad EX-$5,000
  • Power Wrist-$200
  • Power Ankle-$200
  • Tube: Pitcher-exclusive item. Improves top speed.
    • Tube-$2,500
    • Training Tube-$5,000
  • Items that increase your contact for batters
    • Batting Machine-$250,000
    • Kinetic Vision X-$100,000 (pc required)


  • Game Console-$700
  • Video Game(action)-$100
  • Video Game(adventure)-$200
  • Video Game (RPG)- $500
  • Bamboo fishing rod-$100
  • Darts (beginner)-$100
  • Stereo System-$2,000
  • CD Player-$300
  • Portable Music Player-$500
  • Classical Music CD- $100
  • Rock CD-$100
  • Water Sounds CD-$300
  • Forest Sounds CD-$300
  • Laptop-$7000
  • Computer (desktop)-???
  • Plasma TV-$8,000
  • Adventure Novel-$300
  • Baseball Comic Book-$100
  • Wristwatch $1,000
  • Divers Watch-$2,000
  • Antique Watch-$10,000
  • Posh Pocketwatch- $200,000
  • Suit-$2,400
  • Fancy Striped Suit-$8,600
  • Gold Necklace-$8,000
  • Vintage Sunglasses-$10,000
  • Engagement Ring-varies from $10,000 to $100,000. On Christmas Day only, this is replaced by a Christmas Ring. Does not appear after you marry.
  • Golf Clubs: These allow you to go golfing, naturally. There are five different types:
    • Steel-$5,000, available from start
    • Titanium-$10,000
    • Alloy-$15,000
    • Pro-$50,000
    • Pro Spec-$150,000

Baseball Equipment


  • Regular Spikes- $500
  • Sponsor Spikes-(free if you get Mizzoto sponsor)
  • Exclusive Spikes- $10,000
  • The Ultimate Spikes- $1,000,000. They are "Ultimate" for a very good reason-they will last much longer than Regular or Sponsor spikes.


  • Regular Glove- $500
  • Sponsor Glove-(free if you get Mizzoto sponsor)
  • Exclusive Glove- $10,000
  • The Ultimate Glove- $1,000,000. An Ultimate glove will last much longer than Regular or Sponsor gloves.


  • Regular Bats (15)- $3,000
  • Sponsor Bats (15)-(free if you get Mizzoto sponsor)
  • Exclusive Bats (15)- $50,000
  • The Ultimate Bat (15)- $5,000,000. It can be assumed from how long the Ultimate spikes and glove last that Ultimate Bats will break less frequently than Regular or Sponsor bats.


  • Wristband- $200 (free if you get Mizzoto sponsor)
  • Mirror of Truth- $500,000 (Silver) or $50.000 (Gold, fake)

Wright's Items

After the coach introduces you to Wright, you can purchase the following items by calling him:

  • Anti-Fatigue T-Shirt-$5,000
  • Sauna Suit-$10,000
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