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Condition is a status that indicates how on top of their game a player is in a certain game[1]. Condition affects players in the following ways:

  • Batting: Hitting cursor size
  • Pitching: Top speed as well as amount of movement on pitches
  • Abilities: Best condition will negate the player's negative abilities, Worst condition will negate positive ones.

A player's Consistency ability will determine the magnitude of these effects.

The MLB PP 2007 game manual used the term form[1], but its effects remain the same.

Different Conditions

The 5 basic conditions are:

  • Best condition - Pink face icon.
  • Good condition - Red face icon.
  • Normal condition - Yellow face icon.
  • Bad condition - Blue face icon.
  • Worst condition - Purple face icon.

Season Mode

In Season Mode there are two additional conditions:

  • Injured - Green face icon. For injured players.
  • Resting - Gray icon. For pitchers recovering from long outings.

Available only in 2007

In MLB PP 2007, the following conditions are available in Exhibition Mode with the Spirit System enabled:

  • On his game - Dancing pink face icon. A better condition than Best
  • Off his game - Slumping purple face icon. An even worse condition than Worst

Success Mode

In Success Mode games, a player's motivation heading into a game will determine a player's condition for that game.

My Life Mode

In My Life mode, condition behaves similarly to a biorhythm for the user's player. When you report for your first spring training, you will be in normal condition and gradually progress to good, and then best condition. A small arrow denotes whether your condition is improving or worsening, and it will always begin declining once you reach Best. On the flipside, it will always begin to improve once you reach Worst condition.


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